The Height of Climate Change Denial: Florida Department of Environmental Protection Banned From Using Words Such as “Climate Change”

Most nations agree on climate change and global warming as being an issue of great concern in the years going ahead. Scientists generally agree on the fact that climate change is the direct result of human activity, and for those that disagree, there is a good chance they were paid off by some corporation who has great interests in destroying the Earth.

Most nations agree on this subject, except the United States, where climate change and global warming is a subject of great debate. It comes to no surprise that a recent report uncovered a policy that asks employees of Florida’s Department of Environmental Protection to not use the terms “climate change”, “sustainability”, or “global warming” in official communications. For a department tasked with environmental protection, you’d think these terms would be very front and center in the fight to protect the environment. Apparently not.

The policy was exposed by the Florida Center for Investigative Reporting, and the Miami Herald reported that the policy affected how environmental policy was executed in the state.

Government officials deny any such policy exists. Florida Governor Rick Scott however has said in the past he does not believe climate change is the result of human activity, even in the face of a mountain of evidence proving otherwise.

If this so called “department of environmental protection” is not allowed to use terms such as global warming, sustainability, and climate change, they are not really a department of environmental protection. Discussion about those very terms is needed, and preventing that restricts the department’s ability to effectively “protect” the environment.

Climate change and global warming is widely regarded as scientific fact. The fact that politicians act as if it’s make-believe is outrageous. It shows that the political system in the United States has become deeply flawed. It’s time for actual discussion about these very issues, not restriction of such discussion. State officials deny the existence of this policy which isn’t surprising, but do you really believe them? It’s not like the government has a good track record of telling the truth.

To find the word sustainability on the list of what are essentially “bad” words is surprising. Sustainability whether you believe the climate is changing or not is something that needs to be discussed. Sustainability allows the people of tomorrow to have a future to look forward to. Sustainable living is smart living. Whether or not you believe in climate change or not is irrelevant when it comes to the discussion of sustainability. Sure, sustainability ties into climate change prevention quite well, but it’s not solely centered around climate change.

It’s time for politicians to realize that climate change is a very real phenomenon. Florida is one of many states that global warming could catastrophically effect in terms of widespread flooding caused by rising sea levels. Politicians, federally, and at the state level need to recognize that and take steps to help protect their citizens. By not allowing the use of these words, they have essentially made the Florida Department of Environmental Protection a redundant agency that can’t do any good, because they are withheld from doing so by government bureaucracy. Very ironic, but also very alarming in terms of the future. Climate change is a serious issue, and such barriers to a required discussion do more damage than good in the long run.

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