The Hold Sports Has On The World

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Sports is just a huge industry. From the little league games you take your kids to play in, to the big leagues full of all of the famous sports people that we know and love. Even if you’re not that into sports, there will be times where you’re glued to the screen. Perhaps at the olympics, or the football world cup. So at some point in your life, sports will have had a hold on you. Or, you might be someone who is just absolutely crazy about sports, with a specific love for one sport, and then you truly do realise how much sport has a hold on you. But it’s not just you specifically that’s hooked, it’s the whole world. Different countries have their sports that they love so much. In New Zealand you’ve got the rugby, in England you’ve got football, in Australia you’ve got cricket. The list could go on, but all we know is that sports is only squeezing that hold on the world tighter, and this is what we want to explore. Healthy or unhealthy, we want to see what type of hold sports has on the world, and where it’s taking the industry.

The Devotion

The devotion is something that people definitely do have to sports. All around the world, you will see people dedicating their lives to sports, whether it be through playing it themselves, or through the love of watching it. Some people have their rooms covered in sports branded goods, some people shut everyone out at the weekend and watch it, and some people really do make friends for life through sports. But it’s not just the fans that we know are devoted. The players are some of the most devoted people to what they do, and the commitment and regimes they have to uphold is so intense. But it is their love for the sport that drives them to do better, and it’s ultimately the passion that they have that drives the sports to become bigger and bigger. Social media has definitely helped this along the way as well!

The Money Makers

Since sports has such a strong hold on the world, it turns out that it can be a money maker for so many people. It’s not just the teams and the players and the investors that can make their money, it’s everyone with a love for sport. You could easily go through companies such as Free Bets, and try your hand at seeing what you can win. It does help if you have a good understanding of the sport you’re trying to win money on, but it can be a fun little thing to do. As long as you don’t start putting serious money down and getting into trouble, it could be a great little hobby of yours!

The Rising Sports

The hold sports has one the world definitely means it’s bringing some new sports into the equation. You’ve got sports such as MMA becoming more and more popular due to people like Conor McGregor. Sports like that that only a select few people used to love, everyone seems to be loving!

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