The Impact Of Progressing Technology On Daily Life

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Every aspect of human life is beginning to become heavily influenced or affected by the progression of technology and electronics. Some is designed to fill a gap, whilst others are crafted to take over an already established process to make it more efficient or precise. Many more services are becoming automatic, and the advances in robotics have allowed us to gain deeper knowledge into many different fields and sciences. With each device that is invented or manufactured, a small part of your daily life is impacted in some way. The change may be so small that you do not even notice, or it could be catastrophic and life changing.


Advances in technology have allowed us to overcome the barriers of distance and time when communicating. Before the invention of the mobile phone, it could take months for a letter you had written to reach its recipient in another country. You had no way of knowing whether they had received your message, unless they sent one in return that you got in the post another few months later. This of course meant the world seemed like a much smaller place, as conversation became confined to word of mouth. Nowadays, you can instantly reach any person, anywhere around the globe, at any time. Not only can you hear their voice, but you can also see them speaking by choosing a video call rather than exclusively audio. These wonders could never have been imagined less than a couple of hundred years ago, but today they are taken for granted. There are so many uses for a smartphone, but from a business point of view, it’s been an extremely beneficial process that continues to evolve and improve to push for globalisation.


The ways we choose to occupy our free time have been dramatically affected by technology. Especially within the last 20 years, gaming devices and other entertainment products have advanced brilliantly at an alarming speed. This of course has a huge benefit to you as a consumer, as there are thousands more ways to ensure you’ll never be bored again. Even the process of ordering a new electronic toy online is progressing in more ways that one, as drones will soon deliver parcels that are bought through internet stores. In the past, if you wanted to watch a movie you had to head out to a video rental and return again once you’ve watched it, and if you wanted to listen to a specific song you had to buy the vinyl or CD. and play it at home. However, now with just a few taps and scrolls you can find thousands upon thousands of films to view, even for free, that can be downloaded onto a mobile device and watched anywhere on the go. The app store harbors a seemingly limitless amount of games and entertainment programs that are guaranteed to keep your attention for hours, and any smartphone would be incomplete without a wealth of music downloaded instantly into your own personal library.


The progression of technological equipment has allowed scientists and medical professionals to gain so much more important knowledge on many different aspects of human biology and healthcare. Robotic surgery allows doctors to carry out extremely different operations with an extra level of precision and accuracy, and reduces the risk of infection or scarring due to its less invasive nature when compared to it’s more natural predecessor. Advances in nanotechnology are working wonders in current research, and its predicted that micro-robots will be able to travel through your body to provide targeted medicine release. Virtually reality has also been proven to assist with symptoms of mental illnesses like anxiety and depression, especially in the older generation. There are so many benefits that stem from technology regarding healthcare, so there’s no surprise that it receives a huge amount of growing investment every single year.


Growing technology has allowed education to become the most accessible it has ever been. Just a few hundred years ago, book’s were extremely uncommon and only the very rich has access to learning or informative resources. Instead, today you can find masses of information on every topic by just doing a quick scroll through a search engine. Now, not all of this data may be 100% accurate or true, but overall the resources available provide many people with an opportunity to learn something new. Technology can also help teachers in the classroom, by providing many more ways of gaining the children’s attention and sparking their interested, in order to ensure they enjoy their learning and retain as much information as possible. With the option for interactive education, students can become much more involved in learning and see it as the adventure it should be, rather than sitting in a dull lifeless classroom watching the clock slowly tick away.


Not only has technology provided us with the means by which we travel, but also many other useful additions and services too. You can book an entire trip from flights to hotel to hire car all via your smartphone, and electronic payments mean it’s much safer to travel abroad as you can keep your money in your bank rather than hidden in different locations around your hotel room. Not so long ago, speaking with a native in a foreign country was almost impossible unless you had taken several successful lessons beforehand. Now, you simple tap open a translator application and instantly receive a quite accurate phrase or sentence. You can even capture every wonderful moment of your trip with your smartphone, and send them to all of your family and friends back home within a couple of seconds.

Technology has had a huge impact on the way we live our lives today. Without it, we would be existing in a whole different world, lacking the necessary equipment and information to communicate effectively, stay entertained, care for our health, be skillfully educated or make the most of the different wonders the world has to offer.

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