The Impact of Technology on Homelessness

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At times, it is easy to forget that people are out there living on the streets. Through all seasons they are there, trying their best to stay warm, to get food and most importantly survive. Every day it also slips people’s minds that when many are sitting in their homes complaining about the weather or another ‘first world’ problem, there are people out there living below the poverty line.

One of the main causes of homelessness is the cost of housing. Barely affordable for those that are lucky enough to be employed, for those who are on the breadline, a house may seem out of reach. Businesses such as iBUILD, want to close that gap by offering affordable housing to those who can’t afford it. Offering construction loans, mortgages and other helpful lending options, it was created by entrepreneur and philanthropist Lew Schulman. Not only does it help with housing construction, but it can also give those under the poverty line the chance to work. Hiring contractors through the app, it helps those wanting to get into the trade or with past experience, to develop their skills and get paid for their work. Lew Schulman of iBuild’s vision was to create a supportive ecosystem to give those who are in need shelter – this movement is just one step towards achieving this.

So what can you do to help them?

Technology has been evolving for decades now. And with the uprise of mobile phones, applications have come with them. The first way society could help those living in poverty, is by spreading the word across social media. This is a great way of showcasing the desperate need for charity and volunteering. Nothing equates to helping those less fortunate. Helping the homeless and those living in poverty through this way demonstrates how much you care whilst giving back to society.

There are many apps available on the iPhone and androids that society can use to help with homelessness. Ourcalling is an app that gives you the chance to offer meaningful support to those who are in need. Boasting a team of volunteers, you can donate, find resources, shelter, addiction recovery and more. Across the pond, StreetLink is a handy app that you can use if you want to let the authorities know that you have seen someone sleeping rough, or that are in need of help. Connecting with them, they will give them the support they need.

As the world’s population grows, so does the amount of people living on the streets. For those who are living this way and do own a phone, they inevitably face the issue of having nowhere to charge it. Therefore if possible, it would be beneficial to offer more accessible plug points, so it is not just limited to those who work or own property. Society relies on their phones to contact their loved ones and connect with the world around them. For poverty-stricken communities, they also need the ability to contact ambulances or other emergency services when they need them. When they need help with issues such as recovery, with a mobile they can find the assistance they need at the touch of a button.

The impact of technology on helping with the poverty crisis is undeniable. So do your bit today (no matter big or small) and help someone in destitution.

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