The Impossible Line App Review

The Impossible Line App Review

Rated 6 out of 10 for NewsInGeneral
This app is available for iPhone and iPads 5.0 or Later!
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I tried out this app after a while I looked at the time and realized I’ve been playing it for 2 hours! – Jason Goyette

DetailsCan you beat the chalkboard challenge?

Drawing a line with your finger is about as simple as it gets, but when you include disappearing obstacles, moving objects and keys to collect you get one seriously tricky puzzle game.

Take on the Impossible Line and put your skills to the test. Use your finger to draw a line on the chalkboard and reach the goal while avoiding the obstacles that vanish as soon as you touch the screen.

With over 200 levels to tackle, you’ll have to use the radar and useful hint items to make it through each one. Are you up to the challenge?

Game Features
• Over 200 levels to complete, each with a different unique challenge!
• Stuck? Use a hint of an illuminating torchlight to help you out of a jam!
• Super casual gameplay with a challenging twist, great for all kinds of gamers!• Universal: Works great on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

” This App is Challenging and Fun ” – NewsInGeneral

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