The Laws Surrounding Prescription Medicine: What You Need To Know


Prescription medicines can be vital for a lot of people in the US. There are some of you out there who desperately need medication to help control various health issues. From something simple like a hayfever tablet to something more serious like medication that lowers blood pressure and prevents heart attacks; there are plenty of prescription drugs out there.

The thing with this topic is that a lot of people are confused about the laws surrounding prescription medicines. Who is entitled to it? How do you get it? And who can dispense/sell these drugs? All of these questions will be answered today as we try and break down the laws surrounding prescription meds.

Who is entitled to prescription medicine?

In truth, anyone can get a prescription for a certain type of medication. The key thing is that you actually get the prescription and that it’s in your name. As it states on this site, you can go down for illegal drug possession charges if you’re found to have a prescription that’s not in your name. You have to actually visit a doctor to obtain a proper prescription – and they’ll also be the ones to decide whether or not you need the medication. This doesn’t mean you can’t pick up an order for a family member, it just means you can’t be caught using their medication.

How do you get prescription drugs?

As it was just mentioned, you will get your prescription from a doctor or medical professional. They write it out for you, and you give the prescription into a pharmacy. They look at it, confirm it’s legitimate and will get the right medication for you. In some cases, they may need to order it, which means you have to wait a couple of days before you get it. Now, you can either go directly to a pharmacy store, or you can use an online pharmacy that allows you to add your prescription through creating an account.


Who can dispense/sell these drugs?

There are laws in place to ensure that you get your prescription drugs from the right places. Yes, pharmacies are where you should go, but how do you know if they’re trustworthy or not? To begin, they need to be FDA approved, which shows that they’re licensed and can legitimately sell drugs. If you go to a pharmacy that’s not FDA approved, then the chances are you’re buying illegal drugs or stuff that’s not what you believe it to be. Look out for licenses in shop windows, and you can also use an online tool to find legit FDA approved online pharmacies as well.

To sum things up; anyone can get prescription medicine provided a medical professional has assessed your issues and deemed it necessary for you to have these drugs. You can only use prescription drugs if you have a proper and valid prescription. You should only buy this medicine from FDA approved pharmacies – either online or offline.

The laws surrounding this topic can be very complicated, but this is a simplified version of things for you to have a look at.

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