The Most Common Issues On The Road: What They Are And How To Avoid Them


There are many issues on the road every day – it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been driving or what car you have; you are not immune to these issues. However, being aware of the most common issues on the road can definitely help you to avoid them. Below, we’ve outlined some of the most common issues so you know what you have to do:

Not Planning Your Journey Ahead Of Time

Even if you think you know where you’re going or you’ve made this journey 100 times before, you should plan your journey ahead of time so that you’re 100% prepared. What is the weather going to be like on your trip? Are there any road closures? Has there been accident somewhere along the way? Do your research before you go so that you know if you need to leave any earlier or take a different route. The least that could happen is you get stuck in a major traffic jam. The worst? You can figure that out for yourself.

Failure To Check Over Your Vehicle Before Leaving

This is important wherever you may be going, but if you’re going on a long trip, it becomes even more essential. Know how to check over your vehicle and what you should be looking for. Check the water, check the tyres, check the oil, and make sure everything is sound before you leave. You should also make sure you have your insurance details on hand, as well as your breakdown cover information just in case. You really don’t want to get stuck on the side of the road without anybody to call and tow you home.

Driving A Car That Is Unfit For Road Use

Your car must have a valid MOT. Make sure you stay up to date, and have any advisories sorted out early on so that they don’t become more serious. If you need a new car part, you can look on sites like rather than buy them directly from the garage, which can be more expensive. If you are found to be driving a car that is not safe, you might get a fine, points, or a ban. You might even seriously harm yourself or somebody else.

Not Having What You Need In The Car To Stay Safe

You should have everything you need in the car to stay safe, whatever the situation. Usually, this means having a torch, a high vis vest, a phone charger, water, a change of clothes, a first aid box, and anything else you think will come in handy. Having them in the car at all times will mean you don’t forget them before a long trip.

Having To Rush To Your Destination

Make sure you leave plenty of time to get to your destination. Having to rush can mean distractions, getting anxious and even angry, which can then cause more issues. Try not to leave during peak traffic times if you can help it.

Do you always avoid these road issues?

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