The Most Common Reasons People Don’t Like The Dentist


Dentistry is a noble career. People need healthy teeth and gums, and because of this we will always need dentists to help us achieve optimal oral health. However, many people don’t actually like the dentist. It’s nothing personal; people may avoid the dentist for a number of reasons. It’s important that any dental practice uses the reasons people may not visit as a way to ease people’s fears and encourage them to keep up their yearly, or even 6 monthly visits.

Take a look at some of the reasons people don’t visit to see what you can do:

A Bad Experience When They Were Younger

For adults, if they have a real fear of the dentist, it can often be because of something that happened when they were younger. They may have had a bad experience at the dentist with poor patient care and treatment. They may just have experienced a lot of pain an fear as they were too young to know what’s going on. Ensuring a focus is put on the patient experience to ease their fears and make them feel comfortable is crucial. The right marketing for dentists can ensure you’re reaching the right people the right way and sending the message that you want to get across.

They Worry They Can’t Afford The Treatment They May Need

Some people aren’t so much worried about the dentist, but worried about not being able to afford the treatment that they need. Money is a huge worry for many people, and they are frightened that a quick visit to the dentist could potentially set them back thousands and thousands. Having payment plans in place and other fair ways to pay can encourage people to visit.

They Don’t Like The Feel Of People Prodding Around Inside Of Their Mouths

Some people simply don’t like the feel of people’s fingers and instruments prodding around inside of their mouths. Maybe some are sensitive, or some just don’t like keeping their mouth wide open for as long as it takes to complete a dental exam.

A Fear Of Fillings, Tooth Extraction, And Other Treatments

There are many scary dental treatments, from fillings to tooth extraction. People worry they may have to go through something like this, so put the dentist off for years and years.

They Are Afraid Of Being Lectured On Their Dental Hygiene

Perhaps if their dental hygiene hasn’t been the greatest, they have a fear of being lectured by the dentist. Giving advice is fine, but lecturing somebody about their hygiene can scare them and put them off visiting again.

Bonus Reason People Might Not Visit: They Don’t Have Any Pain In Their Mouths

This isn’t really a reason for people not liking the dentist, but it’s a valid reason many people choose not to visit. If they don’t feel pain, they think everything is fine. It’s important you let people know that there won’t always be pain at the start, and a dental exam can help them to eradicate any issues before they become serious.

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