The Rise Of The Cheaters

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As if the modern dating arena isn’t hard enough, once you find the one you want to settle down with, an overwhelming amount of statistics points towards infidelity. In over one-third of marriages, one, or both partners, have admitted to cheating. And it’s not weighed in favor of one sex, 17% of men and women have admitted to having an affair with a brother in law or sister in law. If this sends shivers down your spine, it’s not a surprise, but now, with social media and various options of communication providing temptation for people to stray, are there any signs you can spot if you suspect your other half is a cheat?

Nowadays, the big culprit to keep your eye on is the smartphone. For people who hire private detectives, the first place they go is via the smartphone route. The old-fashioned lipstick on the collar has been replaced with a digital one. Unfortunately, numerous private investigators earn their crust through cheating partners, visit John Cutter Investigations or any other reputable private investigator in your area to see how they catch the culprit. The smartphone is the key, especially if your partner is overly protective of their phone.

Other signs if you are suspicious includes if your friends or family are suspicious. This could mean their suspicions are founded. Has your partner changed their look recently? It’s not just makeup or hair, they may put more effort into there fashion choices; but also, look for changes in posture. And surprisingly, if you are ravished with expensive gifts, they could easily be overcompensating for not being around, but why aren’t they around?

Not only these, but the old-fashioned signs are still signs nonetheless. If your partner works late, they talk obsessively about a colleague at work, or they aren’t present, even though they are physically with you. These issues all contribute to arousing suspicion in husbands and wives. And all those statistics point towards both sexes being equally guilty of an affair with a brother or sister in law, it’s actually men who just edge the statistic when it comes to cheating overall. 22% of men have cheated, as opposed to 14%. But, the most alarming statistic, and contributes to the saying “once a cheater always a cheater”, 350% of people who have cheated before are more likely to cheat again.

Throw into the mix apps like Tinder or Grindr, and less of a reliance on the sanctity of strong relationships, combining this with working pressures, the statistics look likely to increase, especially with 36% of men and women admitting to having an affair with a coworker.

So what does this say about modern relationships? As modern pressures continue to increase the strain on couples and marriages, the signs are right in front of us, and with the oft-used statistic of 50% of marriages ending in divorce, this is, in fact, misleading, and is actually decreasing, maybe people are choosing not to get married nowadays. It’s a tough and stressful environment to be in a relationship now.

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