The Roads They Are A Changin’

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We’re going to see a lot of changes to the roads over the next few years. We could see changes to the materials used to make roads, fresh advancements in tech for controlling traffic and of course, it’s hard to ignore the possibility of driverless cars, forever looming over the horizon. But, what if anything does these changes mean for drivers? Well, it’s worth exploring the possibilities and examine the type of impact they could have on your experiences on the road.

Will Automated Cars Remove The Blame From Accidents?

Not at all and if you think you could get away with causing a crash because your car was driving itself, you’re bound to be mistaken. Similarly, someone else crashing into you can’t blame their car. Why? Quite simply put, even Tesla, the leaders in automated car tech claim that drivers should still keep attention on the road and even keep both hands on the steering wheel. As such, if a crash does occur it will still be the fault of the driver because they could have prevented it. So, if a self driving car does crash into you, you can still contact a lawyer like That way, you can get the compensation you deserve and make sure that the driver doesn’t stand behind an excuse like ‘my car was driving itself’ that really doesn’t hold any water.

Can Smart Highways Eliminate Traffic?

Maybe but we wouldn’t bet on it. At least not in every area. For instance, if you’re driving in LA, there’s just no way that a smart system could ever solve the issue of the legendary traffic and congestion that is on the road every day. On the other hand, on a typical road in a typical city, it could work wonders. How does a smart system work? Essentially, it counts the cars passing a certain point. If there are a higher number of cars than there should be congestion is more likely, so the speed limit is reduced further up the road. As such, a congestion issue of even traffic jam can be prevented before the issue develops. It won’t eliminate traffic completely particularly with the other problem, plaguing our roads.

Is Congestion Going To Get Worse?

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In 2016, cars on the roads in England increased by over 600,000. That jump was in a single year, and you can imagine what this type of growth is doing to traffic. By 2025, you can expect roads everywhere to be a nightmare to drive. You can learn more about this on Experts estimate that average journey times could double and if we continue down this path, we’ll reach the point where it’s quicker to walk. This has actually started to happen already with walking the faster option in major cities like London.

As you can see then, we’re going to see great changes to the roads over the next few years. It’s fair to see that they won’t all be positive and it will be interesting to see how the problems are resolved over time.

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