The Social Media Storm

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Social media is definitely causing a storm in the world. We’re noticing that as time goes on, although so many people love to moan about social media and all of the setbacks it can cause in life, as well as the many dramas it can create, people still love to spend their days on it. It’s like an addictive drug that you just can’t get away from, and the social media storm only seems to be getting bigger and bigger. But for all of the negatives that we know it can create, there’s also some calm amongst this storm. So many people are making connections through social media, and are literally building their life around it. So now is the time to think about where this storm is heading, if we can control it, and how we can ensure that we don’t truly get wrapped up in the storm. So keep on reading, and see how deep into social media you think you are.

How Connected Are You?

So the first thing you need to think about, is how connected are you to social media. Would you say that you only spend a limited amount of time on it a day, or are you someone who could easily total up hours a day spent scrolling? If you’re the latter, then you’re definitely not alone. So many people are obsessed with everything to do with social media, especially Instagram. From the perfect instagram photo size, to following all of the influencers, people are just so dedicated to learn what they can through social media. So it might be time to think about whether you’re too connected to social media. Sometimes it’s so easy to miss what’s actually happening in the real world, and that’s what’s most important. If you do spend hours a day on it, take some time away from it, and make plans that actually involve going out.

Can We Reduce The Troubles It’s Causing?

It would seem that social media is spreading like some sort of disease, and disease definitely know how to cause trouble. The amount of mental health disorders, and even suicides, that have been caused through social media is troubling, yet it seems to be constantly on the rise. The CEO’s of social media accounts like Facebook are doing all that they can to reduce the amount of bullying and discrimination that comes through their platform, by using techniques such as reporting it to the police, or blocking accounts, and setting up help groups for those who feel like they are being victimised.

Where The Social Storm Is Heading

The social media storm only seems to be moving towards a path of destruction. As the new generation is being raised, it’s being raised with social media. So we only think that the craze surrounding social media is going to grow, and new platforms will be created to try and facilitate that. Which can only mean that more problems are going to be created in terms of the young being attached to technology, rather than the real world.

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