The Trucking Dilemma: Can Youngsters Still Make It?


Trucking has changed. The modern world has moved along and the once mighty industry of tucking may soon be getting harder to get into. More to the points, do youngsters of this day and age want to even get into the industry. It can be fruitful and well paid, and a great way to see the country or even the world if you are going on crazy long haul rides. As a youngster in today’s world you would almost think it would be an attractive option. Social media, connectivity and current tech allows people to stay in touch in all kinds of ways, which protects them from getting homesick or being away for too long. It can can get boring too at times. Driving up and down the same old plain stretch of road.

The problem is that trucking firms are downsizing and as a result aren’t employing many newcomers. This is because they are realising it can be cheaper to transport goods via freight train or in some cases even by ship. Sure, there is still a place for trucking, but it can be more expensive to maintain a truck, keep it running, and pay the driver than to put the load on a train that is already heading in the same direction. There is little room here for generic trucking, there are issues to contend with for youngsters too, they have less experience, which means firms understand there could be more chances of accidents leaving the drivers needing to seek advice after a crash. The issue is that there are many experienced truckers out there who can’t find jobs, let alone youngsters who are looking for their own entryway into a career which can give good money and a way to see new things.

A way around this is by being a skilled trucker. That’s to say a driver of something bigger, like a car transporter. Specializing in this way can put a fresh twist and make the individual more employable. They could specialize in handling hazardous materials and as a result be attractive to employ if they are going to be transporting the said materials. However, there are differing regulation on separate materials so it is important to get this right, you don’t want to fall into a specific niche and then in a few years time find out the transportation via road has been outlawed. Be future forward, look to the future and try to hedge your bets.

You could force your way into the trucking business by setting up your own firm. This can be a viable way to find your in. You need to offer competitive prices and see if a firm will give you chance. You will need a significant investment to buy your own haulage truck too. The way trucking is going however, means that the market share will shrink and shrink until there is almost nothing left. Can youngsters get into trucking? Yes, should they? No. It is dying out more and more as new implementations arise.


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