These Night Driving Hacks Might Save Your Life


Driving at night is far more dangerous than driving in the day time. Visibility is greatly reduced, and this is when many accidents tend to happen, especially when a driver is young or new to the road. Below we have some night driving hacks that could potentially save your life. Take a look and make sure you follow them whenever you get into the car at night time:

Clean Your Windshield

Cleaning your windshield to make sure it’s as clean and clear as possible is a must. Use ready to use glass wipes to make it quick and easy and get rid of any filmy build up on the inside of your windshield, which can make glare from other cars more prominent.

Shift Your Gaze Down and To The Right

If you do this when you’re driving at night, you’ll be able to avoid being blinded by approaching headlights. You can then use the edge of the road or the line marking on the outside of your lane as a reference point until the headlights have passed and you can see properly again.

De-fog Your Headlights.

Headlight covers can get hazy with age, and this can reduce visibility. Not just by a little bit either, but by up to 80%! Using a headlight restoration kit you can make sure they are safe again. Try buffing your headlight covers with ordinary white toothpaste if you don’t want to splash out on a kit, as this can work just as well.

Increase Your Following Distance

Three seconds is considered a safe following distance at day time, but you should increase this at night time. Five or six seconds is more appropriate at night time, not only because visibility is reduced but because reaction times can be slowed if you’re tired.

Think Carefully About Your Next Car

Consider your next car carefully if you want to drive at night time as safely as possible. By choosing a car with pedestrian and animal assist, infrared cameras will detect pedestrians or wildlife way before your headlights. You’ll then receive an audio alarm or be able to see them on a display.

Keep Your Brain Engaged As You Drive

Don’t use cruise control at night time. You want to keep your brain engaged so you don’t start zoning out!

Tap Your Brakes A Couple Of Times

If there are cars behind you, tap your brakes a few times to make sure they know you’re stopping and grab their attention. This helps especially if they are tired. Doing something as simple as this could mean you avoid getting hurt and having to contact a good car accident lawyer.

Make Sure Your Glasses Are Up To Date

Make sure your eyeglasses prescription is as current as possible, and don’t choose glasses that will block your peripheral vision. You should also choose glasses that have an antireflective (AR) coating. This will cut down on any glare from other headlights and help you to see better.

Try these night driving hacks and you’ll have peace of mind and stay far safer on the road!

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