Things Every New Driver Needs To Get To Grips With


In those first few months after passing your driving test you will likely face a lot of challenges and you will also be super excited to get out there on the road legally on your own. Driving can be a great way to gain independence and you’ll soon be able to join a large portion of society who also drive. However, as a new driver, there are always things you need to think about carefully and consider, and today we want to take a look at some of the things you need top get to grips with as a new driver in 2019.

Know when to give way

Although it might be obvious to most of us, there are instances where it can be difficult to know exactly when to give way to other drivers. If in doubt, always give way if you can. There aren’t a lot of things which will annoy a driver more than a new driver storming the roads and taking advantage of open spaces.

Plan parking

One of the biggest challenges you will face as a new driver is finding a parking space where you need to go. If you have not been driving for long it might not have occurred to you that you have the ability to find a parking spot before you set off. This is particularly important when attending events or catching a flight. For example, if you’re looking for JFK Parking, search – you can reserve parking and save yourself time and money. This might seem like a small thing but it will make a world of difference when you want to get somewhere and live your life.

Never use your phone

If you are a new driver and you have been around a lot of other drivers in your life, you may notice that they might check their texts or have a phone call, or change the song on their playlist while driving. This might seem like harmless behaviour but it is not a good idea and it is always important for you to keep your phone locked away in the car. Make sure also to think about turning your phone to airplane mode which will ensure no notifications pop up and distract you on the road.

Dry off brakes

When driving on a wet road you may frequently come into contact with puddles on the road and this slippery surface can have a knock on effect on your brakes and cause them to work less efficiently. This is why it is a good idea for you to press lightly on the brakes after driving through a puddle and this will give the brakes chance to dry off so that when you need them, they respond in a much more efficient manner.

Don’t pay attention to others

This is not to say you shouldn’t be alert on the road, because you should, however this is something more to describe taking notice of those who may be gesturing or shouting at you on the road. When driving, no matter how safe you are you may come across those who will try and bully you on the road. Whether you notice a car up close behind trying to force you to drive faster, someone swearing, or something else; don’t pay attention. Keep yourself and your car safe on the road and this will ensure that you don’t face any issues like this in the future.

Expect the unexpected

It is incredibly important for you to be alert and ready for anything which comes your way. When on the road, there will always be instances where things happen out of the ordinary and you may have to swiftly move or stop your vehicle. An animal or child might run into the road, a car may fly out of a junction, or a bike may appear from the blue. In any of these cases you need to be ready to react quickly and with the upmost efficiency. As well as this, you might notice that the road is experiencing issues and it is well worth practicing the art of an emergency stop if any of these cases ever arise for you on the road.

Don’t let people distract you

It is all too easy to get carried away with a conversation in the car and this can cause you not to realise what is going on outside. Make sure that you always keep eyes on the road and don’t be afraid to ask for silence when completing a tricky manoeuvre.

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