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If you’re comfortable, it might be time to get uncomfortable. It’s tempting to stave off the things we are supposed to do, but we can only run away from reality for so long. Here are some inconvenient suggestions, that either make you go: “sorted that a long time ago” or make you go “thanks for reminding me, not.” Either way, here we go.

Have you sorted out your retirement yet? It’s tempting to think you will be young forever or at least able-bodied, but we all know that’s not true. Time is ticking away, and that expensive purchase you are considering could have gone into your nest egg. Either you are putting money in a retirement savings plan, or you are investing in longer-term financial instruments, you need to start thinking about it today. Talk to a pension expert to see what your options are. Figure out how much you will need to live the lifestyle you want, and if you are still paying your mortgage or perhaps are renting.

Another situation we wouldn’t want to think about his injury. What if you have a nasty fall, or you put your back on playing sports? Do you have some form of employee insurance or private income insurance that can keep you and your family ticking over if you need to recover? We naturally consider medical insurance, but we also need to consider the things that won’t be paid for. Usually, the best coverage is having savings in the bank, but with more prolonged recovery, it’s good to have a fallback. Also, consider that when an injury is not your fault to recoup your medical costs and lost earnings via injury or car accident lawyers. Don’t get caught out and consider your options today!

Another thing we put off as long as possible is regular health check-ups. There are some severe conditions around that can be correctly treated if caught early. For men, it’s the usual around the prostate, and for women, it would be the breasts. It’s not only healthier to get checked up regularly, but it can also save you money long term.

And what if the unthinkable happens? You pass away. Do you have some form of life insurance to make sure the ones you leave behind are not thrown into financial hardship? Consider also the cost of the funeral, including burial or cremation. It’s a bit of a morbid subject matter, but it’s to some extent, comforting to know things will be taken care of after your passing.

Talking about death, have you sorted out your will? The last thing you want to happen is quibbles amongst your children who is getting your prized car or fishing rod collection. All joking aside, not arranging a will leads to more problems than it’s worth, not to mention that with some items of inheritance, namely cash, there are some legal hoops to jump through.

So, there you have it. The unpleasant thoughts. The motto is really confronting, accept, discuss, plan and action. The sooner you do, the quicker you can not think about them again.

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