Think Before You Drive


Driving is one of the most freedom giving gifts in the world. Right from 15 and a half years old, you’ll most likely be jumping at the chance to learn to drive. But 15 is such a young age to get behind the wheel. No doubt your parents will be panicking at the thought of you being on such busy roads. But they have reason to. America’s roads are some of the busiest and most busiest and dangerous in the world. But sometimes, the lure of driving and freedom is just too much. If you’re 15 and nearly ready to drive, or 50 and just deciding to take your driving license, then take a read of these points of things to think about before you begin to drive.

Make sure you revise your theory. So many people go into the test without actually revising, as it can be pretty easy to just wing your way through the theory test. But if you actually concentrate, it can feed you with so much knowledge for the future. It contains all the information you need with regards to knowing different speed limits, roadside signs, and information about your car. Driving is such a risky game, you’d be silly to try and get by without knowing this knowledge. If you feel you’re struggling, get a parent or friend to help you revise. If you’re reading this as a teenager, your parents are most likely going to have built up a depth of knowledge over the years. Take some practice papers to them and let them help you. Learn the road before getting on the road!


The dangers of driving are something everybody should be aware of. Around the world, around 1.3 million people die from a car accident a year. That’s such a scary statistic to ignore. In addition to that, 20-50 million people are either seriously injured, or left permanently disabled for life. If this doesn’t prove how dangerous driving is, we don’t know what will. Yet so many people take to the roads, with either drugs or alcohol in their system. Their phone in their hand. Or even no seatbelt on. All of which are asking for a recipe for disaster. Even if you’re the most careful driver in the world, other people might not be. An auto accident lawyer will have seen so many cases where the one driver is at fault. It’s rare that the blame can be shared. The most common way for an accident to be caused is through driving without due care and attention. The issues listed above such as being on a phone fall under this category. Speeding is the most deadly. Speed limits are set for a reason, if you spin out or lose control at a higher speed you’re 10 times more likely to be seriously injured or die. Not only that, but pedestrians and cyclists are also at such a huge risk due to drivers. Before you take to the road, be mindful of how your actions could affect your life, or the life of others.

Checking the safety of your car before you begin to drive is another essential point. You need to be able to identify what a suitable level or tyre pressure, and tyre tread is for you car. This can be found in your car’s manual, and a tyre pressure checker can be purchased from supermarkets, or your local auto store. If you have too much tyre pressure, you run the risk of a blowout, which if this happens on a busy road can be so dangerous. If your tread isn’t high enough, you’ll not have as near enough grip as you should do. Head out with low grip in wet conditions, and you’re just asking to cause an accident. Another point to check is your oil or washer bottle levels. Oil is essential for keeping your engine cool. Whilst an overheated engine won’t necessarily cause an accident, it will cost a lot of money if you break down away from your drive. Always monitor your engine heat levels from the dashboard. No washer fluid however, is more likely to cause an accident. If you vision is blocked by say, a bird poo, and you have no fluid to get rid of it but try and put your wipers on anyway. You’ll spread it round the window, blocking more of your vision. This distraction couple with the loss of sight for a split second, you’re just asking to go into someone.

Always think before you drive to save a life.

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