Three Things You Can Do If You Feel Helpless During The Pandemic

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The coronavirus pandemic has left many of us feeling lost. Life has become very different, and it has left many of us feeling stressed, anxious, and pretty defeated. It’s normal to be struggling right now. As humans, we want to be in control, and in the current situation, we can’t be. If you’re struggling right now, here are some ways to help you to feel less helpless.

Stay Home And Encourage Others To Do The Same

You should already be following government guidelines to stop the spread of coronavirus, but thinking about why these guidelines are in place can make things easier.

Staying indoors can be hard and lonely, but if you think of it as a way to help others then you can feel more positive about it and remember that others are feeling the same way.

Commit to best practice, like washing your hands often and very thoroughly and trying not to touch your face. Avoid public transport whenever possible.

If you have loved ones who aren’t following proper social distancing protocols, try to talk to them about it a non-judgemental way that raises their coronavirus awareness. Come into the conversation with facts prepared, so they might reconsider their behavior.

Talk to them, and help them understand that it is important to follow guidelines in order to slow the spread of the diseases, and to protect themselves and others. Be a role model to them, by following the guidelines correctly yourself, and by refusing to join them in any behavior that goes against this.

Don’t Panic Buy

In the face of uncertainty, many people began to worry about the supply chain of basics like toilet rolls, dried pasta, and tinned foods. This led to people panic-buying and stock-piling. Try not to do this, no matter how worried you are. Stockpiling causes supply issues, meaning you have more than you need but somebody else has to go without altogether.

Instead, try to do a sensible grocery shop and learn to cook with leftovers, the contents of your freezer, or those tins that have been languishing at the back of your kitchen cupboards. Try to only buy two weeks worth of food at a time so others don’t have to manage without.

Support Local Businesses

This global crisis has been a real blow for small, independent businesses. If you are still earning and are able to do so, try to support local businesses where you can. This could mean switching your grocery shop to the butcher and grocer on your high street instead of the large chain supermarket. Buy delivery of beers from a local bar. Buy hand-made gifts on the online shop of a small business. Order takeout food from somewhere local. Buy gift cards to use at a local restaurant when all this is over. Your support will really help those businesses to survive, meaning they’ll have a better chance of still being there for you to enjoy once this pandemic has eased enough for life to return to normal.

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