Tips To Prepare Your Child For Their First Dental Visit


So, your child’s first dental visit is approaching fast making your nervous. You feel jittery because your child too feels the same. You know how much your child fears of dentist and this further complicates the matter.

Well, you have to keep all those jitters and nerves aside and make your child ready for the visit. In the meanwhile, make sure that dental care tips are followed so that the dentist don’t complain anything when you turn up there.

And what about the fears of your child that refuse to go away. You need to be careful and positive at the same time, as the dental visit is something which had to happen. You should try to make your child ready in advance to keep all those anxieties away.

Here are tips to prepare your child for their first dental visit –

Inculcate oral care habit from early stage

Oral care is something your child should learn about from the very beginning. Being a parent, it’s your responsibility to teach them the benefits associated with brushing, cleaning and flossing. Although children learn from their surroundings, this habit is something you have to drill down in them without missing on any given opportunity. Make your child know how clean tooth and healthy gums will help them.

Always discuss the utility of a dentist in positive terms

Kids should know how dentists help them and when they are needed. You need to be a lot careful here as anything said about the dentist in negative can be picked up by the child. This may discourage them from visiting the dental clinic in future. You should thus tell the child how dentists help fight off bacteria to keep their teeth and gums healthy and disease free.

Engage in role-play with the child

Engage in role-play with the child and broaden their understanding about the dentist. You can take turn with the child and pretend first to be the dentist and then the patient. You could even use props such as toothbrush, dental floss, flashlights etc. to practice dentistry. All this amid laughter and cool vibe will surely get the message across and help you child come over the fear of the dentist in a gradual manner.

Take to storytelling and make dental things sound interesting

Storytelling is a great way to make dental things sound exciting and interesting to your child. You could weave a superhero character (how about the toothbrush being the HERO?) and tell how demons (bacteria and plaque) need to be fought off. Never forget showing the dentist in good light or as someone capable of playing the same role a superhero often plays.

Set a good example

Children often learn by seeing things and observing them, less about by what is said. The same applies to oral care as if they see you with cleaning, brushing and flossing etc., they are likely to learn things easily. So, give them a chance so that they can see your brush, floss and clean tongue. This way, they will learn how to care their own teeth and gums.

Always visit a child-friendly dentist

It’d be a mistake taking your child to a dental clinic where mostly adults are treated. Such a place may not exude the kind of vibe and setting stimulating for your child. In fact, such clinics often have dental gadgets and pros scatted around so clumsily that it often has an adverse impact on the child. So, take the kid to a clinic where they can expect toys, chocolates, games and all things that keep them happily engaged.

Answer your child’s all doubts about the dentist

Despite your best of efforts, chances are you child may still have that fear of dentists which is so common worldwide. In that case, you should encourage the child to open up and ask questions about the dentist. While talking about the dentist, be careful but don’t be escapist. Tell them everything clearly and make sure that pain-relieved treatment is made known to them. Your child would never scare to visit a dental clinic if they started seeing the dentist positively.

Follow all these tips and make your child ready for their first visit to the dental clinic.

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