Donating for a Cause: Top Canadian and American Charities Supporting Children

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The United States and Canada boast over a million charities combined, with more than 1.4 million from the U.S. and 170,000 in the Great White North. Of those registered charities, many support children in different ways, from providing them with nutritious meals, toys to giving them free access to education.
Some of the biggest ones incorporate advanced technology like automated collaborative robot applications into their operations to ensure every child gets what they need quickly and seamlessly. If you’re considering using your money for a good cause, any of the following kid’s charities are a great place to start.

Boys & Girls Clubs

Boys & Girls Clubsoriginated in America and have been developing positive alternative boys roaming the streets since 1860 – with the founders adding in girls to the program in 1990. The non-profit organization has since then expanded to Canada and other countries. It offers youth programs and activities after school or on weekends, providing children with a safe place to hang out, learn, and grow-special programs provided by the organization range from education to athletics.

Child Care Aware

Child Care Aware of America and Canada works to ensure that all children in their respective countries have access to affordable and high-quality health care. The agency has numerous branches all over Canada and the US, researching different ways to improve children’s health care while advocating for national child care policies. The non-profit program also makes efforts to educate parents on options available regarding health care for their children and how they can make the right choice.

SOS Children’s Villages

SOS Children’s Villages is a charity that has provided homes for over 52,000 orphaned and abandoned children in 131 countries – including the U.S. and Canada. All SOS “villages” consist of ten group homes, each capable of housing six to eight kids facilitated by two adults. The non-profit organization aims to make each of their villages feel like a community, with each home feel more like a family.


YMCA is the largest non-profit organization in the United States and expanded to other countries such as Canada since its founding in 1844. The organization went beyond its original message of helping young Christian men to serve children of any age and gender. They work to meet children’s health and social needs, like adopting the Healthy Eating and Physical Activity policies before- and after-school programmings.

Big Brothers, Big Sisters

Big Brothers, Big Sisters, is on par with the YMCA as the largest non-profit organization in America. The organization focuses on helping children through individual mentorship. All mentors from the non-profit are volunteers, working closely with children to guide them and reach their goals. Since its founding in 1904, it has expanded internationally, including Canada – providing programs to every child in need.

Toys for Tots

Toys for Totsis a non-profit organization operated by the United States Marine Corps Reserve and has provided toys for children in need since 1947. These are kids whose families can’t afford to buy toys for the kids themselves. The charity gives away toys every October, November, and December in the U.S. and Canada. They have given over 7 million children at least 18 million toys annually.
There are over hundreds and thousands of charities registered in the U.S. and Canada alone – supporting millions of children worldwide in one way or another. If you want to donate for a good cause to help kids in need, any of the charities mentioned is a great way to use your charitable dollars.


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