Today’s Little Ways To Make The World A Better Place

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The world is a more tolerant and loving place than it was 20 years ago. We can see this in interactions in our daily lives and in world wide changes emphasised on the news. But we can find ourselves wishing to be a part of such change, or becoming desensitised to it. Although we aren’t all in the position to help make such huge decisions, we should strive to contribute, and can do our bit in smaller packages to keep change coming.

Giving charitable donations

One of the main ways to make the world a better place in small doses is by giving money to charitable organisations. This won’t keep you out of pocket, and more importantly, will give you a sense of self-pride. Giving to multi-beneficial donation ports such as water charities or education charities will use your money on different elements of the cause, and often will allow you to track your donation to see who you’ve helped.

Combating prejudice in your local community

Whilst on a larger scale, speaking out against inhumane treatments of different ethnicities is done by multiple people in the modern age, such as Moshe Kantor, who are in better positions influentially. We can follow in these footsteps and commit our own influential acts in daily life. Whilst we go about our business we’re concerned with ourselves, but try and get into a habit of seeing people around you as other humans deserving of respect, and give yourself a kind interface for others to interact with. Social situations have a weird way of getting to us by keeping us silent in fear of embarrassment, but speak up for someone you see being bullied. This will improve your confidence and reduce bystander apathy.

Lending a hand

We all need a helpful hand from time to time, and with 1.6 billion people estimated to be homeless worldwide, this is more prevalent than either. Volunteering is always a surefire way to get yourself in your own good books. Helping out in soup kitchens or at donation drives makes the streets a safer place for people to settle whilst getting back on their feet. Similarly, someone needs blood every couple of seconds in the US alone. You can donate blood with absolutely no cost to yourself in a very quick process. You’ll regenerate your blood supply properly within the next 3 months, at which point it won’t harm you to donate again. It’s one of the most proactive ways to feel good about your part in the world. Another way is to carry food packages with you when you go into cities, and handing them out to whoever you see that needs one. A food package should consist of water and non-perishables, and possibly some old warm clothing items. After all, generosity does not mean you’ll lose out yourself.

Making the world a better place is a gradual process, however constant steps towards spreading peaceful, loving, yet practical messages, should be a normalised part of our routine.

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