Top 10 Romantic Dinner Ideas

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A true romantic dinner needs to combine flavor, class, impact, and intimacy. There are a few classic foods that can really bring a meal over the edge. Here’s a list of ten romantic recipes that are sure to make an excellent capstone to a date.

1. Filet Mignon with Mushroom-Wine Sauce

You can’t beat steak for impact. There’s a reason it has a reputation for being the most luxurious meat. The mushroom-based sauce is a traditional compliment to steak, and the cut also lends itself well to sides like potatoes and salad. We definitely recommend this dish if you’re meeting someone new from a gay chatlines page or through a friend.

2. Crab Rigatoni

While not as fancy as lobster, crab certainly has more flavor and is more affordable. Combine it with pasta for some extra weight and a lemon-fennel salad to give it some edge. Anything with an Italian bent has romantic overtones, and this is no exception.

3. Chicken Marsala

Chicken Marsala takes a pan-seared chicken breast and adds a classical Marsala wine pan sauce to bring class and sophistication to poultry- not to mention romance. Serve it with a light salad to create the perfect summer dinner for two.

4. Pomegranate Duck

Duck is a slightly unusual choice for a starring role unless the dish is Peking duck. Branch out and pour a pomegranate pan sauce over the roasted breast of duck for an unexpectedly indulgent flavor. Build a salad with kale to balance the savory duck.

5. Grilled Steak with Pesto Sauce and Salad

While it’s impossible to perfectly replicate the magic of a steakhouse, grilling a rib eye on your stovetop will come pretty close. Keep it on the griddle for about 8 minutes, but keep flipping it to get those perfect grill marks.

6. Pork with Dried Apples & Prosciutto

The seasonality of fruit makes it the perfect complement to some pork and prosciutto cooked up in a skillet. The sweetness of the apple and the saltiness of the pork are a classic combination, and with artistry in plating, this dish suits date night.

7. Grilled Steak with Beets & Radicchio

Again, it’s hard to beat steak for a romantic dinner. Try grilling up a steak with radicchio for some kick, and add a blue cheese sauce to make it a truly rich and indulgent meal.

8. Roast Salmon with Salsa

Roasting fish makes such an excellent, light flavor that it deserves a light companion, such as a salsa. Plus, this dish is easy to make – make the salsa in a blender or food processor and roast the fish in the oven.

9. Boneless Pork Chops with Mushrooms & Thyme

Pork chops are easy to pan-fry, and adding a colorful salad with mushrooms and pan sauce will really dress it up. Serve with red wine to add a fancy atmosphere.

10. Prosciutto-Wrapped Chicken with Mushroom Marsala Sauce

Wrapping a flavorful chicken thigh in thin strips of prosciutto gives it a salty, rich feel without being fattening. The mushroom Marsala sauce brings it from tasty to romantic.

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