Top 5 Old School Date Ideas

There is no rule that says you have to take your date to a dinner and a movie in a fancy suit, and pay an arm and a leg for it. Your partner will be more than happy if you think of an old-school way to take her out, and show her a good time. Older dating does not only differ compared to younger dating in terms of the price tag that comes with it, but it also differs in terms of creativity and the level of cuteness that it produces. You’ve guessed it, we believe older dating kicks younger dating’s behind, and we’ll show you how.

  1. Sunday Morning Strolls

Taking your date to a Sunday morning stroll through the town, your local park or down to the lakeshore will take you right back to 1977 when the grass was greener, the sky was clearer, and you were 40 years younger. You don’t need a time machine to go on an old-school date with your sweetheart, have ice cream and ride your bikes on the boardwalk. You will, however, need some good energy, happy thoughts and as much time as you can possibly spare.

  1. Dancing

If you and your partner like to dance, age should not stand in the way, and neither should your rusty moves or dusty dance shoes. Twerking is definitely a young couple’s thing, but you rock the cheek-to-cheek kind of style that is far more romantic than anything these kids are doing nowadays. You can take a class together and brush up on your dance skills or if you’ve never lost your mojo head straight to a live music event, and sweep her off her feet one more time.

  1. The Theater

Taking your date to see a theater play is a very posh old-school move that will take her breath away. Dress up and go see a live theater performance, opera or a music show, and don’t forget to surprise your date with a bouquet of fresh flowers for an added touch of class. If you’re ever in London, UK, for your anniversary, going to see a theater play is one of the most exhilarating and chic experiences you can offer to your partner.

  1. A Romantic Picnic

With aluminum foil for sandwiches and homemade apple pie in tow, pack a basket full of your favorite foods and head to the park for some much deserved downtime wrapped up in a romantic old-school date. Instead of purchasing a bouquet of flowers like you’d do in London, pick a few cute buds from the park to give to your lady for some extra charm. Find a secluded spot away from all the screaming kids and drooling pooches, and enjoy every second of getting back to nature.

  1. The Drive-In

Although it’s not true that drive-in movie theaters are making a comeback given that there are only 348 of them in the entire nation, if you happen to live near one, do take advantage and take your partner to a screening that will revive the memories of a time when you first started dating. Avoid the uncomfortable silence of modern movie theaters, and chat and laugh with your loved one without risking getting shushed by the overzealous moviegoers around you. Hold hands, make out, and rekindle that romance that entered your life so long ago.


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