Top 5 Worst Things About Owning A Car

Cars are never far from the news. There’s usually talk of a new car being released, or new technology being developed. Today, I’m bringing you some different car news. There have been recent studies that looked at the worst things about owning a car. And, I have the top 5 things listed below:

On Going Petrol Costs

Lately, petrol prices have dropped quite a lot, when compared to a few years ago. This means that filling up your car is much cheaper than it used to be. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not a problem for car owners. Many people still struggle to keep up with their ongoing petrol costs. The trouble is, most people use up a lot of petrol driving their family around. So, constant topping up of the tank can end up costing them a fortune. Plus, there’s always the risk that petrol prices will rise again, making this an even bigger problem.

Factory Speakers

After you purchase your new car you decide to cruise down the road and jam out to your favorite rock band, and then out of nowhere you hear this popping and scratching sound coming from your factory speakers. When buying your own car the good thing about it is you can put whatever you want in it, including your own quality door speakers, but the bad thing is you always will end up having to replace the factory installed speakers eventually.

Tire Maintenance

Most car owners will complain about the ongoing tire maintenance that’s required of them. The first concern is making sure your tires are fully inflated. This means having to go out and get the pressure checked then pump them up. It’s something you’re meant to do at least once a month or so, and many people hate it. Then, you have to worry about the tire tread. If it wears too thin, you can be fined a lot of money. Another thing people dislike is tyre fitting. Trying to fit new tires on your car can be a real pain. And, tires can cost a lot of money too, which is another problem to contend with. In general, your tires are probably the part of your car that requires the most maintenance.



Regular Cleaning

When asked what they liked least about owning a car, many people said “cleaning it”. Yes, cars are supposed to be cleaned on a regular basis. Failure to do so can make your car look filthy, and cause performance problems. The trouble is, a lot of people don’t have the time to do it themselves. So, they end up having to find a car wash, which costs money! And, if you do it yourself, it takes a lot of effort and can be unpleasant, and if you’re like me and like your sports cars in black then choosing the best car wax is very important when cruising around town.


City Driving

One thing that every car driver agrees on is that city driving is awful. There are few things worse than driving your car through a packed city. There’s nowhere for you to park, and you have to drive along at a snail’s pace. The worst thing is, all of this stop-start driving is bad for your engine. It can lead to greater fuel consumption, meaning you waste lots of petrol. Sadly, for a lot of people, it’s unavoidable. Their daily commute takes them through a city, so they have to deal with it every day.


I’m sure that many of you have read this and agreed with all five things mentioned. They’re the bane of our lives and make driving a car much more stressful.



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