Top 6 Ways To Know If You Are Good Driver

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Passing your driving test is one thing, but being a good driver is another. You may have a piece of paper telling the world you are legally allowed to drive, but that doesn’t mean you are safe on the road. In fact, many people become complacent after they have driven for a few years, and pick up bad habits or take unsafe risks.

It’s important to know what constitutes a good driver compared to the bad. You may think you are the best driver on the road, but unfortunately, that is your first problem! The following are examples of good driving practice.

A good driver…

follows the law

Traffic laws are in place for a reason. They help to cut down on road accidents, but sadly there are thousands of fatalities a year due to unsafe driving. From ignoring speed limits to driving under the influence, many people fail to consider the legal requirements of being on the road.

is patient

Driving is great, but we are sharing our roads with others, so sometimes we are liable to lose our patience. The driver in front may be driving slower than the speed limit, a cyclist may be riding close to your vehicle, and you may get stuck in a traffic jam. There are many tests to your patience on the road, but you are causing a hazard if you get impatient, shout at other people or take part in road rage.

is legally responsible

Mistakes do happen and if you are the cause of an accident, do the right thing and own up to it. Many people tell you to avoid blame for insurance purposes, but morally you know it’s wrong, despite the personal and financial repercussion you have to face. Legal help is available when you do commit a criminal offense, such as driving without due care and attention. Northern Virginia Injury and Defense Lawyers are there to help people on both sides of an accident, and even if you are to blame, you may still be able to reduce the penalties.

is considerate

Other road users may annoy you, but you don’t want to test their patience. From refusing to let other drivers out of junctions, to failing to indicate when you turn, there are plenty of ways you can be inconsiderate.. Therefore, be mindful of others, and remember they have as much right to be on the road as you do.

keeps their car in working order

Your car can be unsafe to drive if you don’t keep up with maintenance. You are endangering your life and the lives of others if your car isn’t roadworthy, From your tyres to your emergency lights regularly make checks to ensure everything is working as it should.

hones their skills

None of us are perfect, and there will be aspects of your driving that you still need to master. From parallel parking to reversing around corners, don’t ignore anything you find difficult as you may be forced to make difficult maneuvers in the future.

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