Top 7 Tips for Successful Event Management

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Organizing events are necessary for customer or employee interaction. Whether it’s a business or a personal event, the management success of these events will solely depend on your hard work, thorough planning, and detailed execution.

But we all know how event planning and management can make you go crazy (literally and figuratively). Some event organizers even lose sleep because they can’t figure out if beige is better than a blue motif.

So before you turn cuckoo prior to the event, here are the top seven tips you can do to have successful event management.

1. Never Cram-Plan.

Cramming may be useful before an imminent examination in school, but it’s never a fast solution before a small or big event. Planning every detail a few months in advance will make you foresee any possible changes that will allow you to make necessary adjustments. Also, you’ll save heaps on the event budget if you book vendors and contracts in advance. Plus, you will also get to search for better alternatives because you have a lot of time on your hands as opposed to just picking the first option because you’re time-crunched.

2. Practice thorough Communication.

At the initial stage, figure out if you need to hire an event planner or not. While event planners may have more experience and can do a pretty bang-up job keeping an eye on every detail, they also cost a fortune! And if you ever need to work with one, ensure that you practice thorough communication all the time. This applies to everyone involved in making the event a success. We all know how a slight miscommunication can have a huge impact, even on the most robust organizations.

3. Prepare Contingency Plans.

Always include a plan A, B, C, and as many back-up plans as you can. In life, some things are out of our hands and trust me. It can happen during the event. To counter inevitable mishaps, always make sure you have a contingency plan for everything.

4. Rehash Two to Three Weeks before the Event.

Go over every detail of the event – from start to finish. This will remind your team to cast an eye on their tasks. If for some reason, they’ve left out a job, they’ll have time to adjust and keep it ready in time for the big event.

5. Make Memories through Photos and Videos.

Although the success of your event will depend on a huge turnout and a smile on every attendee’s face, having memories you can look back to years after will affirm how good you are in event planning and management. Fun elements like vintage photo booth services will also give your attendees a memorable souvenir they can take and keep for years. Other ways to make a serious event more fun and creative are signature drinks, social media contests, fun entertainers, quirky staff, and the list is endless. Play with your imagination, and it will resonate during the event.

6. Unify Information within the Team.

Even multi-billion dollar corporations are optimizing centralized systems to create a more unified and accurate collaboration. If they are utilizing it, then it’s high time you should too. It’s systematic to have a shared file for anyone to open, so it’s easier for them to refer to it whenever they have trivial inquiries or significant confusions. Cloud-based applications are affordable with pay-per-use subscriptions.

7. Keep your Cool.

Come event day, always remember a simple mantra: When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Whenever you face unfavorable situations, keep your cool and take the bull by the horns. Nothing gets done when you let something ruin your day, mood, and spirit. Just enjoy the event and smile even when the push comes to shove.

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Maria Brooks is a passionate blogger and frequent traveler who loves share tips on photography, technology and travel. She is currently working with VIP Photo Booth Hire, one of the leading photo booths in London, that offers the most glamorous and up-to-date vintage photo booth on the market.

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