Top 8 Downsides Of Travel


It’s not hard to get lost in a daydream about all the positive things about traveling. There’s much to love! You’re able to break out of the routine of the every day, meet new people, try new activities, and oh so much more. But it would be wrong to think that everything about travel is good; it is certifiably not the case. There are plenty of aspects that can make compromise the fun levels! Hopefully, your trips will be worth it despite these setbacks, but there’ll be times when one of the problems we outline below has a disproportionate effect on the success of your trip.

Using Up Energy

We tend to think of a vacation as a relaxing way to spend a week, but there are times when we return more tired than when we left. It takes a lot of energy to move from one place to another, see the sights, and stay out later than normal in order to enjoy the nightlife of the destination. To get around this, make sure you’re scheduling in some downtime, especially if you’ll be visiting a chaotic city. While there’ll be a million and one things to do if you’re visiting a city like London or New York, you can’t do everything – take a break and slow down for a while; you’ll appreciate the decision when you return home and you’re not burned out.

The Expense

Everyone knows that traveling isn’t the cheapest activity in the world, but sometimes it feels like the costs just keep on stacking up. Let’s look at it this way: when you’re traveling, you have to buy all of your meals in a restaurant, unless you’re staying in accommodation that has a kitchen. That’s expensive at any time, but even more so when you don’t know where the affordable but good eateries are located. You could end up spending an extra 25% on top of the usual food costs just because you’re a tourist who doesn’t know any better.

I’m Going…Which Way?

It’s a nice idea to think that you’d be swanning around your destination in style, moving from attraction to attraction in one fluid movement. But this is not realistic if it’s the first time you’re visiting a spot. You don’t know where anything is, or where you’re going! As such, you usually just have two options – you either follow the crowd, which means it’s less your trip, more a communal journey, or you follow your smartphone. While Google Maps will be able to get you from point A to point B, you’ll have to be staring down at your screen the whole time, when really the beauty of moving around is taking in the sights.

The Travel Process

Frequent travelers will be in heaven if scientists ever figure out how to teleport people from one place to another. Until that time, we’re going to be stuck with flying if we want to reach a faraway destination relatively quickly. The problem with flying, though, is that it can be a deeply frustrating process. Indeed, more or less everything about it can be soul-destroying, from getting there, to passing security, to the flight itself. Of course, some airports are better than others. Portland’s and Denver’s airports can be enjoyable, for instance. But places like San Antonio airport and LaGuardia Airport can make you wish that you’d decided to stay home instead. If you can’t stand the flying process anymore, then take a look at traveling by train – it takes longer, but it’s a comfortable and exciting way to travel, and you also get to see the land that’s in between your home and your destination.

The Carbon Footprint

There’s an inconvenient truth when it comes to traveling: it’s more or less awful for the environment. While there are ways to travel that don’t damage the earth too badly, most people don’t use them. Think like flights, cruise ships, and luxury hotels require vast amounts of energy in order to function as intended. If you’re one of those people who generally supports earth-saving practices, then you might need to curb your adventuring for a while.


Home Seems Boring

Of course, most people have an amazing time when they’re on vacation. But the problem is that sometimes they have too good a time; suddenly, their normal life looks boring and inadequate. There’s a reason why people get “post-vacation blues”; they’ve hit such impossible heights while they were traveling, and their home life just can’t compete. It can show you a life that you might have had if you’d just done a few things differently. People in the olden days didn’t used to have the “grass is greener” syndrome, because they didn’t know what was out there. They do say that ignorance is bliss….

Out on Your Own

There can be a lot of benefits to traveling all on your own, with no-one there to fall back on. It pushes you to be braver, step outside of your comfort zone, and acquire other positive qualities that make you a better person! Or at least that’s the idea. Sometimes, things don’t go quite to plan. It can sometimes drive home the point that you’re all alone, and that if something happened to you, there wouldn’t be too many people there to pick up the pieces. So make sure you’re in a good place before going solo!

It Can Be Dangerous

If you travel enough, you’ll eventually come to realize that there are good people everywhere, and that the people who will help you usually greatly outnumber the people who would do you harm. But that’s not always the case. There are times when travel can be dangerous, especially if you haven’t researched where the safe neighborhoods and dangerous neighborhoods are located.

Final Thoughts

Don’t get us wrong: there’s much to love about traveling! But it’s far from a never-ending walk in the park. You’ll have to put up with some less than positive aspects if you want to enjoy it!

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