Top Legal Professionals Reveal The Limitations Of Insurance

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If you’ve been involved in an accident, it’s easy to assume that you don’t need a lawyer. Particularly, if you have insurance or the person who caused the accident does. That could be your employer, another driver on the road or a random individual. But wait because top lawyers are now pointing out the limitations and the trouble of insurance companies. It may not be as easy to claim what you’re entitled to as you thought. There are certain roadblocks that will stop you getting the amount you want or need.

Legal Requirement

Insurance companies are legally required to pay out a fixed minimum to an injured party. That minimum can vary, as we’ll soon discover. For now, though, let’s assume that the minimum is fifteen thousand. Not a small amount by any means but let’s imagine you’ve been involved in a truck accident. Fifteen thousand might cover the damages to the average car. It may not cover the medical bills needed for the injuries you suffered from in the accident. What if there were other people in the car who were injured? That fifteen grand is starting to look incredibly small, and that’s the problem. The bare minimum may not cover all the compensation that you need. As such, you might still need to speak to an accident lawyer.

Different Laws, Different Places


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If you were traveling when you experienced the injury, you might be in for a shock when the compensation cheque comes through the mail. Do you remember that fixed minimum we talked about? That differs depending on what state you were in when you experienced the accident. Therefore, if you were injured away from home, you might find compensation is a lot lower than you expected. Significantly smaller than the cost of your combined medical bills.

Refusals To Pay

It’s possible that an insurance company might refuse to pay for damages that you have experienced. Companies get this all the time when an accident is determined to be an act of God. An act of God is often used as a get out of paying free card for insurance companies. Rather than pay out, they claim the accident is no one’s fault. This drips down the line to affect everyone. The company gets no money from the insurance claim so they can’t afford to pay any compensation to injured parties. It’s at this point that lawyers are brought into resolve the issue.

Hidden Terms And Conditions

Or finally, there may be hidden terms and conditions in an insurance contract. They are not directly hidden. Rather, they are lost in small print, and complicated legal terms lay people are not supposed to understand. As such, it’s always best to contact a lawyer if you are joining a new insurance policy. You need to know exactly what the policy gives you and what it doesn’t. Remember, insurance companies lose money when you make a claim. They will be looking to do everything they can to avoid this possibility.







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