Top Ten Home Study Tips

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Like most of the world, you’re probably confined to studying or educating your kids from home. With no preparation, switching to home study can be tough, but try some of our top ten home study tips to help you.

  1. Have a routine — set up your own timetable and stick to it the same way you would at school or college. Having a set routine, even though you’re at home, can help your mental health too.

  1. Factor in social study — create a workspace on Slack where you can study and chat with your classmates. This will help you feel more like you’re at school or college, and keep you in touch with your peers.

  1. Study something you love — if you don’t have a given schedule from your school, try something you’re interested in that you wouldn’t get to cover in school. Whether it’s Elizabeth I or the integral of arctan, there’s a whole world out there to discover.

  1. Start planning your career — give yourself 10 -15 minutes every day to research your future career. You’ll have much more motivation to study if you know what you’re doing it all for. You may also have the extra time on your hands to research your next steps — so use it!

  1. Do the hard or boring stuff first — get the worst tasks out of the way first, rather than put them off until later. This is sometimes known as “eating the frog” and is an excellent way of getting everything done. No more procrastination!

  1. Get up at your regular time — it’s probably the last thing you want to hear, but getting up and ready for the day, as usual, is essential to your studying, and it will help get you through lockdown, mentally, too.

  1. Use MOOCs — there are several excellent Massively Open Online Course sites out there, almost all of which offer free courses in a vast range of topics. If you have a bit of money to spend, you can even earn certificates.

  1. Keep all your materials in one place — make a designated study space, and keep all your stationery and textbooks there. When you go out for supplies, be sure to pick up anything you need for studying as well. Don’t wait until you’re on your last pen.

  1. Use your evenings well — if you wouldn’t usually study in the evenings, don’t start now. Using your evening to wind down and ensure you get a good night’s rest is essential. You need to feel refreshed in the mornings, ready to study for another day.

  1. Shut pets and children out of the room — if you share a living space with children or animals, shut them out of the room you’re studying in. It’s hard to study with distractions, and a calmer space will help you concentrate.

Whatever you’re studying, and however you’re doing it, these top ten tips will help you master studying from home like a pro. Any of these tips can be adapted to suit children too, even social study!

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