Treating anxiety: What you should know about drug interactions

Studies show that 18 percent of Americans struggle with some form of anxiety, often times they are prescribed to relief through the anti-anxiety medication Klonopin, a type of Benzodiazepine. Though the medication has proven to be effective, it also has a series of notable side effects.

Once one uses the prescription drug extensively, there may be some side effects that the patient will experience, oftentimes being of the painful variety. Because Klonopin works with your neurological receptors, having too much in your system can cause severe seizures and even lasting damage. In some cases, those looking to quit abuse of the drug or even those are no longer prescribed the mediation will experience symptoms of withdrawal, including heart palpitations.

Mixing both Alcohol and Klonopin is dangerous and doing so can affect the central nervous system. Using Alcohol while on Klonopin can also lead to severe lack of coordination, comas, and some cases death. Klonopin, when used in prescribed doses can calm and relax the patient, often resulting in slowed breathing and heart rate. When consumed with Alcohol, the side effects are amplified and can severely damage the user’s cardio vascular system. Because both substances are consumed orally, the effects are gradual and compound over time.

Both Alcohol and Klonopin are used as date rape drugs. These two drugs can impair judgment and assessment of risk, as well as lead to temporary amnesia and extreme fatigue. Klonopin enters the bloodstream within a few hours after ingestion, so while it does not act as quickly as other date rape drugs, like Rohypnol, it is as likely in large enough doses to cause the victim to lose consciousness. This is especially true when used in combination with Alcohol, and it is harder to detect in Alcoholic beverages.

Benzodiazepines are often used to treat patients experiencing withdrawal and have proven to be effective in most cases. It’s important when prescribing Benzodiazepines such as Klonopin that physicians monitor the patient for signs of addiction.

For individuals who suffer from addiction, it is important to seek help immediately. Substance abuse and co- occurring disorders often go hand in hand and can be a deadly combination. If addictions go untreated, they begin to take larger doses in larger quantities, or combine these drugs with other prescription medications and substances. There are many facilities that can help end the cycle of addiction, such as this Kentucky Substance Abuse Program. This facility is inpatient, which is the most suggested method, as the medical oversight helps patients smoothly transition from the addiction through withdraw, while the social support helps the client in finding the root cause for their addiction as well as better coping mechanisms. Inpatient rehabilitation also removes clients away from sources of Alcohol and other substances, as well as taking them from the toxic environment that may have triggered these behaviors so that they may focus on being well again.

Klonopin can treat and cure many phobias, social anxiety disorders, and withdraw symptoms. It has proven to be an effective method of treatment however it does come with its own side effects, if you are considering usage consult your physician with any concerns.

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