Trump Administration Has Plans For Curbing Both Legal And Illegal Immigration

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Last year in November, The United States of America, held the presidential election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The country was as politically divided as critics thought possible. The battle was between the Democrats and their agenda of higher taxes on the Middle Class, more immigration and a tougher stance against Russia, for Putin’s aims in Syria. The Republicans stood on a platform of less immigration, more jobs and trying to solve quarrels with Russia. The candidates couldn’t have been more polar opposites. Hillary had a long history of working in government, while Trump was the boisterous businessman with no filter. Trump won, and since he took office, new laws have been passed, and there are future plans regarding immigration, that everybody should be taking note of. Immigration into the ‘land of the free’ is a very hotly debated topic, but now there are a few narrative lines the Trump administration is putting out, that all may grasp.

The changes

Donald Trump has put forth plans to curb legal immigration by up to 41% in the first year. The legislation which has been proposed would change the current Reforming American Immigration for Strong Employment Act and reduce the total figures down by up to 50% over the next ten years. This follows on from the introduction of the bill introduced to Congress by two Senators, namely Tom Cotton, and David Perdue. They too want to half the number of immigrants coming into the country legally, with the aim to have these plans put into action, in effect for the next decade.

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If you’re just visiting

Currently, the laws have not changed since the Obama Administration. The most important issue right now for the nation is how Trump can keep the country’s tourism numbers high while curbing the foreign worker immigration. If you’re having complications with non-immigrant visas, speaking to an immigration literate attorney, to solve your concerns is the best option. You can only get an extension on these visas if you get the okay from USCIS. Currently, if you’re on business, you’ll be classed as a B-1 immigrant, with temporary rights. If you’re purely on vacation or seeking a private medical operation, you’ll be classed as B-2. However, any of these statuses could change in the coming months or even weeks. And, should Trump sign another executive order, your circumstances could change overnight, so keep yourself up-to-date with the USCIS homepage.

Trump’s stance

Trump is unlike his own party, which makes his situation very peculiar. The Republicans have sat on a platform of increasing immigration in the past, but Trump has shifted the entire focus to less immigration. However, many pundits say he’s in favor of legal immigration, but he abhors illegal immigrants coming into the country. Many people think that Trump won by a landslide because he promised American workers from the ‘Rust Belt’ that jobs would stop going overseas and wages would no longer be compressed due to mass immigration. He has said time and time again that he wants to build a wall at the border with Mexico, but so far, only posturing on this issue has been done.

The United States is currently going through some major changes, and the entire mood of the country has changed since Obama’s eight years in office. Immigration was a key area where the Democrats lost ground, and it seems like Trump has the support of most Americans for wanting to lower immigration.

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