Trying to Market Your Business? Here’s Why You Should Use the Personal Touch

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If you’ve recently started up a new business, your top priority – more or less – is going to be marketing it as effectively and broadly as possible.

While it is, of course, essential to have a high-quality offering that provides genuine value to the lives of those who you are attempting to sell to, you will never make a success of your business if no one even knows that you exist, or grasps what it is you can provide.

As modern technology has become more and more advanced, marketing has largely become something of an online phenomenon, especially for small and mid-size businesses.

There are, however, some real benefits of going the slightly more “outdated” route, and marketing in-person in various forms, whether via elegant trade show displays by Infinity Exhibits, or flyering.

Here are just a few benefits of using the “personal touch” – That is, the “in-person” touch – in your marketing efforts.

It’s more likely to stick in people’s minds than many other approaches

People naturally attribute more significance to face-to-face interactions they have with other people, than they do to somewhat more abstract and repetitive web marketing campaigns, as a rule.

That’s not to say that web marketing can’t be innovative, engaging, and all the rest. But, there is certainly something about standing in front of the person you’re trying to sell to that helps you to drive a point home in a more human and often significant manner.

This is, of course, compounded by the fact that in-person marketing is less common, in most industries, today than it has been even in the recent past. The less often people encounter a particular type of marketing campaign, the more memorable it will be.

Clearly, however, it’s important that you don’t just go through the motions when marketing in person. You’ve got to refine your approach, and try to make it particularly engaging, for maximum effect.

It allows you to gauge prospective customer and client reactions directly

Understanding just what it is your prospective clients and customers think of your product or service is essential if you want to market to them effectively, not to mention actually provide a useful and sought-after service in the first place.

Companies often spend a lot of time and money running focus groups, and employing similar strategies. When you are marketing in person, however, you get to gauge prospective customer and client reactions directly.

What’s more, if you’re marketing at a fair or convention, you may well be able to get dozens, if not hundreds of those reactions over the period of time you have your stall set up.

This can be invaluable for helping you to identify any points of contention, figure out which elements of your offering are likely to be a hit and which aren’t, and more.

It gives you the opportunity to network within your field, and maybe pick up some new ideas

Trade fairs and similar events will typically put you in close proximity with other people in your industry, who are also actively trying to market their products and services to the same audience that you are.

This provides a great opportunity both to observe what it is your competitors might be doing better than you – at least on the marketing front – and also to do some networking within your field, and make some connections.

Collaboration is important in business, and it may well be the case that you and other people in your industry could engage in a mutually beneficial working arrangement going forward.

It can help to put a human face to your product, and encourages you to refine your pitch

When you are pitching your product or service in person, you have to get pretty clear on just what it is you say to grab people’s attention, what it is you say to keep their attention, and how you sum up your business in the most concise and effective manner possible.

In other words – you will naturally be forced to refine your pitch, and clarify your brand, in order to make your in-person marketing efforts successful, in the first place.

The fact that you are your own “billboard” when marketing in-person also means that you have the opportunity to utilise any natural charisma you can bring to bear, in order to further encourage people to make a purchase or commitment, or at the very least, to sign up for a mailing list.

People are generally better-disposed towards businesses that seem to have a human face, than they are to businesses which appear entirely to be mechanical entities.

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