Trying Your Hand at Gaming In the New Year

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Most of us won’t have engaged with gaming since we were kids or teens, gripping onto the controller of our Nintendo 64, first edition Xbox, or first edition PlayStation. It tends to be something that we feel a little nostalgic about. But even if you put down the controllers in the nineties or noughties, the gaming industry has continued to develop and there are still plenty of people your own age or older who engage with gaming on a regular basis. Why not join back into their ranks throughout the new year? There are all sorts of benefits that come hand in hand with it! Here are a few that might interest you!

You Could Find a New Hobby

Fewer and fewer us are engaging with hobbies that we genuinely have an interest in. Instead, many of us will spend hour after unproductive hour procrastinating and scrolling through social media explore pages and feeds. Instead, spend your time doing something that you genuinely enjoy! By trying out gaming you could find a new hobby that you genuinely look forward to engaging with in your free time.

You Could Meet New Friends

The gaming community is huge and constantly expanding. Whether you’re socially confident in the day to day world or a little more shy, gaming can prove to be the perfect opportunity to expand into a new social circle and meet more friends. You can play online with people from around the world, making new connections and chatting or forming bonds as you go along. Just remember to be vigilant when checking that people online are who you really think they are and don’t exchange personal details that could lead to identity theft or fraud.

You Could Expand Your Skill Set

While most gamers engage with gaming for the fun of it or for the social aspect, you can build up your personal skills at the same time. Many games boost your skills in real life as well as in the virtual realm. RPGs require that you place yourself in another’s shoes and make decisions that are best for them in their realm and personal circumstances – this encourages empathy on a day to day basis. Puzzle games require foresight, the use of logic, and quick decision making. Most games improve your hand eye coordination, and some games can even encourage you to lead a more active lifestyle.

You Could Win a Little Money

Casino games like those at can provide you with the fun of gaming alongside the opportunity to win money in the process. Of course, you need to remember that any money laid out in these kind of games can’t necessarily be taken back – you always risk the chance of losing it. But if you are successful, you could take more home than you initially placed down, making a nice profit. So, make sure that you never bet anything unless you can genuinely afford to lose it and to try to quit while you are ahead!

You Could Make a Career Out of It

If you happen to be particularly good at gaming, you could actually make a career out of it. Gaming is a fast growing industry and there’s a whole lot of money being funnelled into the area. Here are just a few career options that can stem from your interest!

Working for a Games Company

Games companies require all sorts of staff members to get games up and running and exposed to the public effectively. If you have a particular interest in gaming, you could take courses in aspects of the field such as game development, or you could take courses that could help you to work in other areas of gaming companies, such as marketing and advertising.

Working in the Media

Alternatively, if you have a way with words, you could work in gaming media, reporting on new launches, reviewing new releases, and interviewing big names in the gaming field for publications or blogs. Experience in gaming helps to provide you with insight into the subject as well as a familiarity with gaming technique and jargon that can connect you with your readership.

Being a Professional Gamer

If you’re really good at a particular game, you could become a professional gamer. These individuals tend to attend Esports events and competitions, play games with audiences of spectators, or post live action footage of them playing games on video streaming sites such as Youtube. If gamers are directing their attention to you, gaming companies are likely to sponsor you or pay you to play, review, and advertise their games.

There really are plenty of reasons that you should give gaming a try coming into the new year. The benefits tend to outweigh any negatives or preconceived notions that you might have about gaming and if it’s not for you, you can at least say that you gave it a try!

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