Turning One-Sided Marketing Into A Real Conversation


There are few things more dangerous than a business who thinks they know better than their customer does. Even when it’s true, it breeds a disconnect that soon turns success into misstep after misstep. This disconnect is felt in your marketing, too. To improve your message, increase engagement, and bring in more revenue, it’s time to listen and learn, as well as talking.

Talk to your market

It’s a simple enough concept but so many businesses don’t put the time into it or simply don’t know how to do it right. If you want real results in social media marketing, you have to think of it as more than a content delivery platform. It works excellently as a support platform, too, as well as a way to engage with customers. Respond to mentions, retweet supportive customers, and start using more emotive content. Write like a human being, and share images and video, too. The data proves that multimedia marketing on social media consistently produces better results.

Know your customers

How does your customer currently engage with the business? Most businesses already collect data on individual customers, but CRM platforms provided by teams like WhiteOwl give you the tools to use them. The right team can take a closer look at customer behavior, conversations, and past purchases to help you craft deals and marketing strategies suited to their tastes, the platforms they’re most likely to be active on, and a lot more. A business should never be “done” when it comes to learning about their target market.


Speak their language

Written content is becoming increasingly important to businesses. Not only do you need to know what they need but, when it comes to SEO, you need to know the terms they use to describe it. Keyword research is essential for creating SEO-friendly pages that make your customers more likely to find your business. But their language and their terms should be consistently incorporated throughout the site. Micro-content, as shown by the Davis Media Company, ensures that your site’s copy remains consistent in tone, brand, and language to better connect with the customer and to communicate as efficiently as possible with them.

Game the system

It doesn’t matter what you’re offering, all customers want value. Gamification is more than a fad, it drives the reward systems and word-of-mouth incentives that are becoming commonplace in the business world. Gamify your business by using referral rewards, such as coupons or freebies, to incentivize customers to not only visit your site and purchase from you again but to keep spreading your brand for you. A little investment can more than double the amount of engagement you get from one customer and could lead to even more in future.

The best marketing isn’t about building the most effective brand or airing the best possible message. It’s about creating a customer base that feels listened to and like they’re engaging with a company that knows them and their wants. The tools above can start building that two-way road to get you off your current one-track strategy.

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