U.S. Divorce Rates Skyrocket – How Do We Deal With The Problem?

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You may have heard the whole ‘50 percent of marriages end in divorce’ claim, but it’s mostly folly. That’s an incredibly large number of divorces, and realistically, it just isn’t a viable claim.

But that doesn’t mean things are looking good either. According to recent statistics, divorce is in fact on the rise, and it seemingly can’t be stopped. Is it a pandemic? Why is it such a big issue? What are the causes? It’s not a pleasant situation to be in, and it can have more serious ramifications than you’d think.

First, let’s assess the issue at hand. Why do so many people get divorced? We live in an age of social media gratification, and it certainly doesn’t help. Supposed role models like the Kardashians who plaster their vanity infused lives online don’t send good messages to kids.

Kids see the Kardashians wearing their babies like accessories, showing their perfect marriage off. Only, in reality, marriage is far from perfect – we all know that. Youngsters only see the good bits on Twitter photos, and that makes them want it.

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Before you know it, teenage pregnancies and young adult marriages, born out of a desire to stay relevant, become common. Because these youngsters simply aren’t ready for marriage while trying to start a career, things break down.

And for older couples, it’s the rising financial hardships of our current economy that bring the struggles. While it would be nice to win the lottery and cure these, everyone knows that’s a fever dream!

Hardships lead to arguments, and arguments lead down the irreparable road to divorce. In both these scenarios, the outcome is all but inevitable. The very circumstances of modern day life, which can’t be changed, are responsible for divorces.

Another issue is a lack of help for those going through a divorce, and those with marital issues. There are professional divorce attorneys such as Manassa, Stassen & Vaclavek, P.C., but besides this, the well runs quite dry.

And the ramifications of divorce can be far greater than you’d anticipate – especially with kids involved. Children who come from a broken home often struggle in school, finding it difficult to ignore their home problems. This can lead to these children being undereducated, even though it’s not their fault.

And as a result, we have less skilled youngsters to pump into our vital industries. Less doctors. Less nurses. Less police. Less teachers. These people make the world go round, but if divorce rates keep rising, we could be seeing less and less of them.


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And as you can see, divorce is a vicious circle that shows no signs of slowing down. Children watch their parents get divorced, which leads them to think it’s acceptable, or normal. Then their kids do the same, and so on, and so on…

But, perhaps, ultimately, it is normal. Or at least, it’s becoming normal. Perhaps divorce is just something we simply have to deal with in today’s era. Given the stresses of modern life, it’s no surprise people find themselves moving on from their partners all too quickly.



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