Uber Important Things To Do Before Getting Into A Taxi


Black and yellow cabs are a thing of the past. Today, people hail a taxi on their phone without going outside. Thanks to the likes of Uber and Lyft, it’s never been easier to find a ride. However, there are negatives which are synonymous with taxi-calling apps, and they can put you in serious trouble in some circumstances. Whether it’s overpaying or not being safe, it’s crucial that you avoid these cons at all costs. After all, Uber provides 150 million rides per month, so there’s a good chance you’ll get in one at some point.

Here are the things to remember.

Put On The Seatbelt

Getting into a taxi is a weird experience. It’s as if all of the safety rules go out of the window. For example, lots of people don’t put on their seatbelts because it doesn’t seem as if there is any need. Whether it’s Uber or Lyft, it’s essential to buckle up as soon as you’re sat down. Not to judge the drivers, but they’re not fully qualified, certified cabbies like the previous generation. And, searching for the “best lawyers near me” isn’t the best way to spend your afternoon after a crash. Because they have a car and want to make money doesn’t mean their driving skills are up to standard.

Confirm The License Plate No

Just because a car turns up on the drive doesn’t mean it’s for you. There may be a neighbor who has ordered one and it could be their taxi. Stealing an Uber isn’t the same as taking another person’s cab on the street. For one thing, it costs money as you’ll have to cancel yours or pay a fee for keeping the driver waiting. Also, there are safety implications. Nobody knows you are in the wrong taxi, not the app or your friends or loved ones. If anything happens, there are fewer options at your disposal.

Share Your Ride

It’s easy to tell people where you’re going by sharing the ride with other people. This is an excellent safety feature because it means there is a backup plan. Hopefully, this should ensure the journey is as smooth and hassle-free as possible. To do this, go into the app settings and click “manage emergency contacts” and then “update emergency contacts.” There should be an option which says “send status to contacts” which means the relevant people will get regular updates regarding your trip.

Order It When You’re Ready

Not everything is safety-related with taxi-calling apps. Sometimes, it’s money-based as they don’t end up being as cheap as advertised. Usually, this is down to add-ons that hike up the price. One of the most common is a waiting expense. Drivers that have to wait will compensate themselves for their troubles. Some will even cancel the trip and it will be a double-whammy. To avoid these issues, only order it when you are ready or nearly ready to leave the house.

Now, your upcoming journeys should be as safe and cheap as possible.

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