In An Unsafe World, Communities Are Stepping Up To Contribute To Emergency Relief


The emergency services do a tremendous amount for us as a series of communities. But more and more across the country, people are starting to become aware of what they can contribute to those services and in aid of them in their individual communities. Companies and private citizens alike align themselves with causes every day. If you’re wondering what good you could be doing in the world, then consider looking at the volunteer efforts you could you could be contributing.

Bringing skills

In times of emergency, organized and skilled bodies of all kinds are needed to provide a rapid and effective response. There are members of the Community Emergency Response Team program all over the country. Partnering with your local CERT team could help you get the training you need to truly be an asset in times of need. There’s training available for all kinds of emergency services, from fire safety and search and rescues to disaster medical operations. There are over 2,600 registered CERT programs across the country already. Meaning that it’s easy to inquire about local disaster training. You can also ask about volunteering to help contribute to the CERT programs, already. That way, you can help facilitate their efforts to create a more prepared society.


Adding resources

The emergency response programs in your area are always going to be in need of more resources. For instance, you might be able to contribute to things like volunteer firefighter grants. These contributions help them do things like purchase and repair gear, from firefighting hoses to LED beacons that keep their services running effectively and safely. You can also get involved in the fundraising process, organizing events and drives to keep contributing. For emergency services like FEMA, there may be lists of in-kind goods that are already requested which you can look to if you want to donate goods. Make sure you confirm the needs of the agency or team you’re trying to help to learn the most you can about what they need. That way, you can ensure you’re helping.


Raising awareness

Awareness of risk, safety and the right skills needs to be spread across the whole community. From our workplaces to the individuals who want to contribute like you. As a member of an emergency response team, you can look into opportunities for raising awareness both online or in person. If you’re experienced in contributing to those emergency services, you might even want to look into starting your own CERT program. That way, you’re joining a network that already has the means and resources to help you start spreading the skills even further beyond yourself. CERT programs have to be operated by emergency response organizations like your local fire department or Office of Emergency Management.


Whether it’s your time, your expertise, your money, or your knowledge, you can contribute to the safety and well-being of your community. When someone is in need or there’s a crisis in the community, you’ll be glad that you were part of the efforts moving to help.

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