Upper Mustang Trek — Experience The Mountain Dessert

Interested in trekking and adventures? Then Nepal has loads you can explore from and Upper Mustang is one of those should try trekking areas for trek lovers. This trek offers a spectacular holiday time to its visitors. Feel lucky to be in the era after 1992 as this area was not open for visitors until 1992. But this was a great decision to conserve the lifestyle and cultural heritage of the locality. Upper Mustang Trek is also known as “mini Tibet of Nepal” because of its great Tibetian influence. Upper Mustang offers one of those best trekking experiences anyone can have in their life.

It was only in 1992 that the Nepal government department of immigration started issuing permissions for these special trekking expeditions. The trek to Upper Mustang would be a treat to the eyes for anyone interested in visiting Buddhist monasteries.

Moving on to the details of the trek: anyone interested in trying this will have to arrange for a vacation of about 20 days. The cost of the trip may be around $650 per person. The trek starts from Jomsom which can be reached via a flight. This flight journey has great picturesque value. Jomson has got an alternative walkable pathway too. This path is via Ghorepani-Poon Hill-Tatopani-Jomson and Kali Gandaki Valley.

Going Trekking in Nepal? Upper Mustang is one of the best place to visit is also known as “Mountain dessert” as it has widespread areas of treeless barren landscape, precipitous rocky areas, wide range of hills, delightful panoramic view of Nilgiri , Annapurna, Dhaulagiri and many more. These add to the adventure of the trip and give many memories to be treasured. This Upper Mustang is one of those places in the world which is strictly self-sufficient and does not encourage visits from anyone outside the place. Therefore there was no scope for acculturation.

This place is like a hidden treasure, hidden behind the Great Himalayan range with magnificent trekking areas. This area of Himalayas receives scanty rainfall resulting in a dry and patched appearance for the area giving the “Mountain dessert” appearance

For any person interested in experiencing the Tibetan culture, this would be a perfect solution. Adding to the flavor are a large number of Buddhist monasteries. Many ancient Buddhist shrines such as stupas, chhortens, kaanis, prayer walls, monasteries are located in this area.

Trekking to Lo Manthang is extremely satisfying for all those who are interested to know about the geniality and kindness of the local people living in this isolated remote area.

Trip note: ACAP permit from the government of Nepal is must to participate in the trek and this would cost about 2000 rupees. Authorization from the government of Nepal is a must for agencies to conduct the trek. A licensed Nepalese trekking guide is a must and must accompany your squad in the trek. Minimum of two parties is essential to get the permission for the Upper Mustang trek. Another thing to be noted is the absence of any lodges between Tangge and Tetang. It might be difficult for people trying to cross the Dhye area in monsoon due to the absence of bridge at Dhye and presence of rivers during monsoon.

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