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Virtualization and Why I Use It Everyday!

By Jason Goyette
Owner NewsInGeneral FutureTechIdeas Also Known As TheDiabeticGeek And Team Member for BraeHawkTech

So I was sitting here trying to figure out a good informative article for you guys to read, so I’ve come up with something that I absolutely enjoy using everyday. That is Virtual Computing or Virtualization, What is Virtualization you ask? Well basically it

means that you can have something virtual and is not actual. Virtual Computing however is something that requires you to have actual Hardware and Software in a PC in order to operate a Virtual PC off of the actual PC. Have I lost you yet? Don’t worry its not as complicated as you might think, in fact a 12 year old could run multiple Virtual PC’s.

There are many different types of Virtualizations, But we are going to talk about the most common ones used, Desktop Virtualization, which is a software technology that when installed a person can separate the desktop environment and applications from the actual physical machine, so basically all the components of the desktop are virtualized, which allows for a flexible and more secure desktop delivery model. Having a Virtual Desktop is a very good idea, because if something bad were to happen and you needed to recover something then guess what all the components have been saved in the data center and backed up. See how
cool virtualization can be, now lets get into the next Virtualization Technology.

Hardware Virtualization which is also very common and widely used, it is sometimes referred to as Platform Virtualization. There are also different types of hardware virtualization, which we will go into in a later article, which I may just write for Braehawk Tech. So what is Hardware Virtualization well it basically refers to the creation of a virtual Machine that acts just like a real PC with an OS (operating system).  With hardware virtualization the host machine or actual machine is where the virtualization
will be taking place, the guest machine is the VM  (virtual maching) that is running on the host machine.

Now what is great about Hardware Virtualization and setting up a Host and Guest Machine? What’s so great is that you can run any OS (operating system) on the Guest Machine. For an Example say I have a Windows 7 OS installed on my PC and I install a Virtual Machine using a type of Software known as a hypervisor that is available for purchasing or for free, I then can install any OS on that VM (virtual machine) because it is not using the Host Hardware, it is using virtual hardware created by the hypervisor. This is also great for Enterprises because they can run several VM’s on one single host PC.

What are some of the things you can do when you have gone into the Virtual World? Almost sounds like Digimon talk, LOL sorry
I had to shout-out one of my favorite TV series. Well you can do almost anything in a virtual computer that you can do in a non virtual PC, things like run and install programs, surf the web, read and write emails the list goes on and on with things that you can do in a Virtual Environment. This all sounds so cool, so what do I need to setup a Virtual PC, A Digivice ? (LOL another Digimon Reference) nope all you need is a Host PC preferably with a good size Hard Drive and 6 or more Gigs of RAM, and lastly software. Now I can rant all day about which software is best to use, personally I like Virtual-box it’s easy to install and configure and its free. I currently have a dedicated PC that is just for Virtualization and let me tell you I have all sorts of VM’s (Ubuntu 12 and 13, Redhat, Puppy Linux, BackTrack 5, Ubuntu Server, Windows Xp, Windows 7, Arch Gnome and a few others), Arch and Backtrack were the most difficult to install and configure. One day we will be able to use such technologies on our tablets, So what are you waiting for go Virtual today, here are some links to download Virtual Software that I recommend.

I know one thing for sure is when your going Virtual, you will need to have some time on your hands, because let me tell ya it’s a BLAST!


#1 Recommended by me! VirtualBox

#2 Recommended by me! VMware

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