What Are The Differences Between What Men And Women Want In A Relationship?

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Humans are always searching for companionship. They simply can’t make it in this world alone. It doesn’t matter if they’re huge movie stars, models, Instagram celebrities , or popular artist, they all need someone to share their lives with. However simple that may sound, relationships between men and women are actually rather complicated. Even though gentlemen and ladies are two sides of the same coin, these two can be extremely different. Those differences are usually the biggest problem in today’s modern relationships. Therefore, in order to help all the couples out there, we decided to share some of the most crucial differences between what men and women want in a relationship.

Men Are Much More Physical Than Women

When it comes to showing affection, both in public and in private, men are all about the physical aspect. Don’t get us wrong, women also love to get physical, of course, but only if they’re comfortable enough. That’s why women are constantly trying to express their feelings and fears by talking to their men. They want to be reassured that their partners feel the same way before they proceed to the next level. On the other hand, men tend to jump in rather quickly and this can have a negative effect on the ladies.

Women Tend To Overshare While Men Keep Their Feelings To Themselves

This is, without a doubt, one of the most common differences in modern relationships. Men are simply too shy to express their deepest feelings and thoughts, while women sometimes tend to overshare. This tendency can easily scare men off. When it comes to the very start of the relationship, a man just wants to enjoy, go with the flow and avoid those deep and serious conversations about feelings. This, of course, doesn’t mean he’ll always be like that, he just needs time to figure things out. Women, however, feel rather insecure at the beginning, so they’re looking for some sort of confirmation and encouragement. This is one of the biggest reasons why they’re so preoccupied with sharing their feelings.

Men Are All About The Fun And Women Are Always The Serious One In The Relationship

Boys will be boys, right? It’s like they never grow up. Well, not that’s not 100% true, of course, but they are more prone to mischievous and fun behavior than women. Don’t get us wrong, women know how to be fun too, but they are usually the ones who tend to keep things more serious. For example, when something serious or even tragic happens, men will always try to find some kind of bright side to focus on. They use humor to deal with stressful situations. Women, on the other hand, are all about composure and seriousness.

Women Are Into Romance While Men Tend To Be Preoccupied With Sex

This is a tale as old as time! As we already mentioned, men are always more interested in the physical aspect of the relationship. This means they are always trying to, well, “get down to business”. Women, however, are more interested in romance and kind shows of affections. Women also love sex, no doubt about that, but their sexual drive is nothing compared to men’s. This particular difference is one of the biggest problems men and women encounter during relationships. Men are sometimes too blind to see that they’re being pushy, and that’s exactly what drives women away. Finding a perfect balance between romance and sex is extremely important in every relationship out there. Without compromise and mutual agreement these differences may be fatal!

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