What Does A Stiff Clutch Mean?


Do people even drive cars with clutch pedals anymore? Even millennials have probably owned at least one manual car in their lives. All of us know what a manual is but we might not even dream of owning a car for a long time with such a drivetrain. But that doesn’t mean that the clutch is no longer relevant. In fact, it’s even more relevant than it was 20 years ago! Why is this you ask? Well, nowadays modern cars have many gears. There used to be a time when cars only came with 5 gears at the most. The 5th gear was purely for top speed and you probably stick shift into top gear when approaching triple digits. However, now you have everyday cars with 7, 8 and even 9 gears. All of them at semi-automatic with the option of letting the computer take over and become fully automatic. So our cars are shifting gears much more often. This of course means, the clutch is working overtime.

A sudden jolt

For those of you that don’t know, a clutch is simply a spinning plate that connects the gearbox with the flywheel which is connected to the driveshaft. The driveshaft is connected to the engine and thus, the clutch is the bridge that allows the engine to place it’s power into the four wheels. When a clutch is engaged, the gearbox is allowing the engine to transfer the power to the wheels and allows the revs to climb. When a clutch disengages, the flywheel is still spinning but the clutch begins to slow down. If a clutch is slower than the flywheel upon contact, you’ll get a massive jolt from the car as the clutch suddenly slows the flywheel down and then speeds back up again. A worn out clutch will slow down quicker and the balance as well as rotation might also be jittery and inconsistent.

Effects of a stiff clutch

A stiff clutch can be caused by a multitude of problems. Normally it’s a simple clutch cable issue. It could be that there has been a pressure leak and thus the pedal sticks to the floor before slowly releasing back up. If the pedal is hard to push in, this could also mean that the drive shaft is worn out and thus letting go in an orderly fashion is harder to do. Take a look at the GWC Warranty Reviews where you can find many different solutions to a stiff clutch pedal. They also provide buyers with some of the best services for their cars. If you don’t want to figure it out on your own, look up and use one of their car repair services where they have experts and professionals in trusted garages and dealerships. A stiff clutch can mean that you are stuck in one gear and unable to shift down or up.

A stiff clutch can bring the car to a grinding halt. Over time this issue will become worse if not properly seen to. Understand the issue and don’t take it lightly, this little part of the car is a bridge that must not be broken.

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