What Makes A Company A Great Place To Work?

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Salary used to be the driving force behind finding a job, but today there are other things that are considered as, or more important than a paycheck. Job satisfaction is an important part of a rewarding career, and working for the right company can help to achieve that. But what is it that makes a company a great place to work? Read on and find out if it’s time that you made the move to boost your career.

The benefits it offers

While a high salary can go in the plus column when it comes to evaluating a job, there are other benefits that you should consider when looking for work. Some of the top ten employee perks and benefits include paid maternity and paternity leave, better vacation allowances and parental support. When considering whether or not to apply for a job, consider the entire package that an employer is offering and not just the salary.

How it supports its employees

Company loyalty and turnover can be an issue for businesses, with people more likely to move between companies than they used to. A low turnover rate can be a good indicator of how happy people are in their jobs, and whether or not their career development is supported. A great training program and development opportunities are a must if you want to progress in your career, so don’t just think about now – think about your future when applying for a job.

Does it excel in its field?

A company that can shout about its achievement and is seen as an industry leader can be an inspiring place to work. Ogletree Deakins is an internationally recognized law firm that has just won its eighth ‘Law Firm of the Year’ title, cementing its status as an industry leader. Look in the business pages and on company websites to learn more about how well a business is doing – if you want to be the best, then working for the best can be a great place to start.

Are employees happy?

You can find out a lot about a company online, including the job satisfaction of its staff. Some websites allow employees to review their employers (anonymously!) to provide some insight into what it’s like to work there. LinkedIn is also a powerful tool for helping to assess whether or not employees are engaged and satisfied with where they work, so you might want to think about doing some online networking.

Finding a great company to work for is half the battle of a successful and happy career. Warning signs like a website not meeting its full potential or high employee turnover can offer valuable insight in whether or not you’d like to work for a certain company, while there’s also a lot that can be said for your gut instinct. When it comes to the job hunt, look beyond the job itself and consider the company too to help you land your dream career.

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