What Not To Say On Your Dating Profile

There are literally millions of online dating profiles trying to stand out in the crowd, get noticed, and hopefully get a date. Most people with an internet connection know how to open up a dating profile, and enter the world of online dating in the hopes of meeting their romantic needs, but lots of people don’t know there are certain things you shouldn’t do for the life of you. If you want to meet people online, make sure you never whine about your ex, share negative views that can put a damper on the happiest of days, and never stir up the water with politically incorrect attitudes. Let’s explore each of the no-nos in more detail just in case you were thinking about turning your profile into an ’I hate my ex’, ‘Life sucks’ or ‘Down with gay rights’ kind of page.

Don’t Whine About Your Ex

Whining about your ex on your dating profile is right up there with ‘dead puppies’ on the ‘best mood killers’ list, and unless you want to stay single for the rest of your life, just don’t go there. Everybody has a past, some people have been around the block a few times, others prefer to lay low, and pretty much nobody on online dating sites wants to know where you fall on that spectrum, at least not until they’ve shared a decent meal with you. If you’ve just had a bad breakup or a nasty divorce battle, get all that anger out of your system before you start meeting new people again because bitterness is just so extremely off-putting.

Negativity Will Kill Your Chances

If you’re not a happy-go-lucky person, do your best to hide that on your online dating profile because people are naturally attracted to positive individuals who spread joy and good vibes. Expressing deeply depressing political views, showing dissatisfaction with your life to the world or writing negative comments about topics that tend to divide even the closest of friends, such as religion, gay rights or sex, are huge no-nos on online dating sites. If you can’t be uber happy about things all the time, at least don’t be an energy vampire because that is just not sexy. People want to see personality and color on your online dating profile, they want to see you smiling with a bunch of friends, getting tipsy on the beach, and they certainly don’t care if you think doomsday is near.

Political Correctness Can Get You Laid

Stick to the politically correct attitudes that are generally accepted if you want your profile to be appealing to the greatest number of people possible. This doesn’t mean you should openly support things you don’t believe in, but it does mean you should keep your unpopular views to yourself. Save them for someone who wants to get to know you better, and keep them away from your online dating profile. Everyone feels more comfortable around people with politically correct attitudes, and any kind of departure from it makes them feel uneasy. You want to get on their good side, and show them you’re an easy-going person everyone loves to be around. Then, and only then will you find success on online dating sites, which pretty much translates into going on dates and enjoying every aspect of it.


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