What Scares You Most About A Car Crash?

For some people, the thought of a car crash is at worst unpleasant. Those with experience of an incident may be less fearful because now they know what one may feel like and what the actions will be straight after it stops. For others, it’s just pure ignorance, and they simply cannot put themselves in the shoes of someone who is going through the aftermath. The scary part of the car crash is the crash itself, as some individuals are organized, and they think they have a rough idea of how they would react. The average person is completely in the dark about automobile collisions which is entirely understandable. Even if you close your eyes and imagine the impact and repercussions, it’s still a little far fetched. So what scares us about car crashes if most of us haven’t been involved in such a situation? It could be the fear of the unknown, and deep down we associate the loud crash noises to something detrimental to our safety. We also know that repairs will cost us a lot. In our subconscious there are more things about these things that we realize.

Totaling the car and injury

First and foremost when we see we’re about to crash, or somebody is about to collide with us, we can only think of one thing initially as we’re behind the wheel. We paint a picture in our minds of our beloved car totally wrecked and beyond repair. This lovely machine that we’re sat in and provides us with the opportunity to go anywhere we would like to and at any time, could possibly do so no more. That’s our overriding feeling at first until we start to hear the loud noises of the crash. When this happens, we then start to think that perhaps the seat belt and the strength of the car won’t hold and we’ll be seriously injured. Even if the airbag deploys, we still feel as if our neck and cranium are going to be crushed, hit with a piece of flying debris. The incredible ear-splitting noise of the metal scraping and windows being smashed activates something primal in our brains. Seeing it as a fight or flight moment and yet trapped in a metal cage triggers a ‘ride it out’ feeling. Inevitably this means we have to battle our own sense of helplessness as we sit and hope to all things holy that it stops soon.

Our brains get frazzled

Just after a collision has happened, what do you do? Well, there’s no real playbook as to what kind of action you should be taking. There aren’t any lessons about the protocols we as drivers should take when we’re learning how to drive. Realistically it isn’t the driving instructor’s job to inform us what kind of things we should be doing. Given the wrong advice and they could be liable in some way and every situation is different in the first place. We all have our own idea of what we should be doing when we get back to our senses. The first thing to do which is the most obvious because it takes priority, it to check on however many parties involved there are, that everyone is safe and sound. Those who need medical attention quickly will be the focus of the crash from first responders. However what we as individuals need to do is to start to build our case. It sounds bizarre that you should be worrying about the legal repercussions so soon but remember that you could be potentially standing at a crime scene. If someone is fatally wounded and or is permanently damaged anyone involved in the crash could be legally liable for their pain and suffering. Most people don’t seem to take on board the severity of the situation while it’s happening because their brains are frazzled.

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Being left in a worse state

Speaking of physical damage, one of the biggest fears many people have is being left out in the lurch with our injuries. A car crash can be a life-changing experience and change the way we live forever. Injuries that occur to our vital organs and brain matter are especially costly to heal and repair in the medial world. Operations to save one’s life and limbs do not come cheap, so we are scared of being left to handle the payments by ourselves. Fear turns to rage when we know that the car accident wasn’t our fault and yet here we are, having to deal with the pain and financial problems. This is why the practice of a car accident lawyer is so crucially helpful to making sure the conclusions of the crash do not weight on us personally. They will fight for us and build up a legal case that shows our innocence to the courts. The sad thing is that many people hesitate to contact a lawyer quickly enough which the insurance companies take as either an admission of guilt or that your injuries aren’t really that bad. Insurance companies will do anything to hold back on paying for your recovery while lawyers are the opposite. It isn’t just the initial care that you will need but the compensation won for you will also serve to pay for any treatment to life-altering complexes. Losing the ability to walk under your own power and will, suffering a loss of eyesight and or mental health conditions are things that will come to affect you after the first few weeks of the crash. This is why it’s so important to hire a lawyer that is so confident in their ability that if they don’t win, they will not charge you.

The fear of driving consume lots of different people around the world who function well at any other task. But getting behind a heavy moving object is a cause for alarm to others. Maybe it isn’t the act of driving itself that causes the fear but the worry of being in an accident. Dystychiphobia is the name of the condition that describes and defines this. For the majority of people, it does not know what to do after a crash that scares them rather than being involved in a collision every time they go out for a drive.

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