What should you know about getting horses as pets?

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If horses make such great pets, why don’t more people keep them? That is a valid question many ask. The idea of owning a horse is nothing short of romantic. Millions across the world would love to be friends with these magnificent creatures. Not only are they beautiful and majestic, but they also have the brains to go with their beauty.

However, there is a reason only a few brave hearts think about keeping a horse as a pet. Do you remember your first kitten or puppy? It was fun at first, but as they grew up, it was confusing too. Sometimes, they needed to go to the vet for their shots, and then at other times, they needed to see the doctor get better. The responsibilities of keeping a horse are much more than keeping a cat. They require special diets, vaccines on time, protective care, enough nutrition and everything else you can think of. You cannot walk into an adoption center one fine morning and walk out with a foal or a horse in 10 minutes.

Do your research

Once you get a horse, it is a full-time commitment. There is no going back. It is true that horses are not for everyone. You need to take close care of him or her once she comes home. The change of water and surroundings can affect them significantly. You need patience, tact and sufficient financial resources to become a good horse owner.

Be ready for bearing the costs

When getting any pet, you need to think of the vet bills, vaccination expenses, medication costs, and emergency healthcare costs. The cost of boarding them, getting grooming tools, hiring trainers for show or racing purposes, and keeping a vet on call costs more than a couple of thousand dollars per year. Feeding the horse and providing him or her with a safe home can cost you a few thousands per year.

Get ready for a crash course on horse behavior

There are times when a dog becomes snappy because of an ill-tempered owner or a cat becomes a recluse due to asocial humans. However, they are small manageable creatures, so their misplaced behavior does not bother people as much. When the same happens to a horse, it becomes a sad situation. You need to spend sufficient time to understand horse behavior. Get ready to spend days and nights with your young friend, groom them and train them. If you want your horse to participate in shows or behave like the showstoppers you watch on TVG, you will need to invest considerable time and energy in training them. It is a lot of hard work, but it will pay off in the long run.

Space and exercise

There is no point in getting a horse if you cannot provide him or her enough space for trotting about. Horses love to run. You should have enough pasture around your house or in the adjacent area for offering them free mobility. Allowing them the freedom to trot and run also helps socialize them and train them. Research shows that horses that get enough exercise have a better temper that the ones that remain confined to their stalls.

Getting a horse might be easy, but keeping them as pets requires extensive training on the part of the trainer as well. So, find out all you can before getting a new friend home.

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