What The World Thinks Of America

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The United States of America. What a country it is. It’s know for so many of the great things that we have in our world today. It has some of the best tourism in the world as well, with hundreds of thousands of people flocking there every day to go and see this great country. But what does the world truly think of America, and in fact, what does America think of America. Some will say that it is the land of the great, some will say it’s everything that’s wrong with the world. But if so many people keep flocking there year on year, is it not one of the best countries in the world? Well, this is something that we want to talk about today. Because for everything that people love about this country, there are a few things that they definitely hate. America is many things, but it definitely isn’t the most perfect country in the world.

It Has Terrible Politics

We don’t want to touch too much on the politics of it all, but America definitely does have some of the worst in the world. It seems to constantly be locked in a verbal political war with so many different countries, it can be hard to keep track of. Some will say that it is president Trump that’s causing the madness, but you have to admit that the previous presidents knew how to stir up a thing or two. But, then it can be said that it isn’t just Trump that’s causing the issues. For all of the things he does, it has to be agreed by the many members of the government. Senator Mike Crapo, along with so many different others have to either vote in favour, or in none favour of the things Trump is doing, so are they not as bad as the others? But what we do know is there have been some poor political decisions that have been made since Trump came into power, such as all of the changes at the Mexican border, and immigration laws.

It Has Everything Someone Could Want

So, now let’s move to something a little bit more positive. It definitely does have everything that you could want if you’re a tourist. For the people living inside America, we do think that it is a bit of a different story. There’s so much crime, poverty, and issues that outsider just aren’t aware of. But, as we said, we want to try and keep this positive. For those of you who are going to visit the US, you’ll have an experience like no other. It just offers so much in terms of the experience you have. From walking around the marvel that is the Grand Canyon, to visiting the fun filled theme parks of the US, this country definitely does have it all.

It’s A Danger To The World

On a final note, we definitely do think that the US is a danger to the world. It’s starting so many conflicts, or on the edge of so many different conflicts, as we just think their political views are putting a danger on the world. The media is always full of decisions and statements the US is making that could initiate a world war one day in the future.

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