What To Do When Buying or Renting Your First RV

On today’s roads it seems like there are more and more RV’s or Campers, in many cases the drivers have no clue how to properly drive an RV or even take care and maintain one. This article is just for those type of people that go out on a road trip with there family and expect everything to go without a hitch!

Choosing the Right One

When searching for the right RV or camper don’t go all out and buy or rent one that will be a challenge driving, especially when renting an RV you want to make sure A. You can safely operate it and B. You have all the amenities that you want.

If you have never driven an RV I’d recommend you’d get some practice first, you don’t want to owe the dealership a ton of money if you total it, or your insurance for that matter. So maybe you have a friend or family member that owns his or her own RV or Camper, I’d ask them and explain to them your situation before you buy or rent one you need some lessons first.

Safety is very important when buying your first RV, don’t go and get the fancy looking one just to impress your family or friends always remember you are driving a very heavy vehicle and if you’re traveling with it you will be in unfamiliar towns, so safety for you and your passengers and others around you are top priority. So purchase one that is well maintained both inside and out, and don’t be afraid to ask questions and pop the hood to take a look at the engine.

You’ve Got Your RV Now What?

Now its time to make sure you keep it well maintained like Checking the Fluids and Maintaining the Plumbing and ,If you have one, the Generator. Its important to not just load up and go on a 600 Mile road trip without making sure everything checks outs first, Like checking your Batteries and making sure there good quality (Check out these Top 5 examples of good batteries) and making sure your topped up on all your fluids and fuel.

Your tires are one of the most important things to take care of on your RV, having a blow out on the highway is one of the worst things that can happen to a new RV driver, before leaving on your road trip make sure to have a safety inspection done, just to be safe! If you get the all clear and everything checks out now its time for planning your first trip and please don’t plan on going across the country for your first trip, I’d recommend staying within your own State, and then adventuring out as you get use to your RV.

Plan Plan and More Planning

Your new RV is ready to hit the road, but are you?

Now its time for you to plan your route, food and accessories that you will need on your trip! That doesn’t mean bring everything but the kitchen sink, I tend to eat on the go so bringing snacks and drinks is about all I need, But you could also try smoking meats and canning, which will save a ton of money on your trip and you won’t have to struggle with finding supermarkets. Just about all RV’s have Refrigerators but some may not be big enough to store all your groceries, that is one reason why I like to smoke meats and can fruits and veggies because it saves on space in the fridge for drinks and dairy products.

When planning my routes I tend to get all the updated maps and also use Google Maps or my on board GPS which can be a pain sometimes with the updates. The reasoning behind planning my routes is so that I can stay away from tolls and find scenic routes, especially when you have a full house, keeping your New RV Team busy is a plus for you as there will be stressful times ahead.

Now that you know some of the basics on Buying your first RV and what to do after, the only thing left is get out there and explore. Be Safe and Enjoy!


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