What to Look For In a Classic EV Conversion

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More and more car owners are considering going electric. It’s the way of the future and no one wants to get left behind. There are numerous benefits of going electric. For one thing, electric vehicles are cheaper to run than gasoline powered cars. Electric vehicles also have fewer moving parts than a regular car so it is cheaper to maintain. There is little maintenance required for electric cars than most gas-powered cars. And lastly and the biggest benefit of all, electric vehicles are better for the environment. Electric cars have zero exhaust emission so they don’t contribute to pollution. And this is good news also for human health. Better air quality can greatly reduce pollution-related health problems.

The odds are in EV’s favor. Going electric is the way to go. But electric cars can be quite hefty financially. Many car companies have released their version of electric cars in recent years all with a reasonable price tag attached but for people wanting to keep their old cars and still want to go electric, EV conversion is the best viable option. The process simply entails replacing an internal combustion engine of a car with an electric motor and batteries. While this is definitely not something a novice car enthusiast will be able to handle in a span of a weekend, many car mechanics have successfully converted their gas-powered car into electric vehicles in a sort of DIY kind of fashion.

When deciding to convert your car to go electric, first consider if you plan to do it yourself or hire a professional. Take note, this is a highly complicated and lengthy process. It usually takes a few days of intensive labor, not to mention the amount of research you will have to do every step of the way to make sure everything is where it’s supposed to be. Asking the help of a professional will ease you off the burden of converting your car yourself. They are highly-skilled and knowledgeable in electric vehicle conversion and can perform the task at a fraction of the time, compared to a hobbyist. Before hiring a professional, be sure to check their background and qualifications. EV conversion is a very specialized skill and it’s important the mechanic has undergone the necessary training.

A big factor to consider in EV conversion is weight. Big, heavy cars require bigger motors to make them run. And bigger motors mean bigger batteries. It all boils down to more money spent on the conversion for heavier cars. Most classic EV conversion involves smaller, lighter cars; maybe a car that hasn’t been used in a long time that belonged to your grandmother before. Choosing the right vehicle to convert will save you a huge sum of money.

Batteries are the most expensive component of an electric vehicle. The more range you want your car to have usually means backing in more battery power. Before converting a car to electric, consider the mileage you want to achieve and the amount of driving you’re going to use the car for. Cars that are used for daily commute locally won’t need to pack as much battery in. You can charge it every night as you sleep and use it during the day. If you plan to take the car on long drives then planning the drive ahead will give you an idea of the battery power you’ll need for the conversion.

For you to go “green” so to speak there’s a lot of things to take into consideration. There is sure to be money-saving benefits of converting an existing car into electric instead of buying a brand new EV. It’s important to weigh the pros and cons of EV conversion versus buying a new vehicle. Consider the driving range and manner you’ll want to achieve with an electric car because this will affect the conversion process of your car.

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