What Will Your Next Vehicle Be?

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When you are on the lookout for a new set of wheels, you will either be excited at the prospect of spending your weekends scouring car showrooms, or you will be panic stricken at the thought of ending up with a lemon. You needn’t worry. There are many more stringent checks and stricter legislation to ensure that the consumer is protected. At the very least, you should have a three month warranty with a used vehicle and you can harness the power of the Internet to investigate the reputation of potential car dealers you might visit. However, when it comes to car shopping, how do work out what vehicle you need? Read on to find out.


It might seem like a bit of a curveball but a campervan could be your ideal vehicle. If you are after a family car to keep your brood safe, that’s reliable, has a bit of retro styling and can be utilized for road trips, then a campervan could be perfect. These motors are like homes away from home with incredible added height, brilliant reliability and a relatively low insurance group given the size of the vehicle. If you are keen to source your own campervan, hire one first. Taking a campervan on the school commute takes a certain type of personality. These vehicles are often great all rounders and could see you turning heads for all of the right reasons.


Trucks come in all different shapes and sizes. If you are a tradesperson, you may have the idea of mixing your company vehicle with your personal one. Those trucks with a cab in the back can be great to ferry the kids to school and to their swimming lessons at the weekend. These larger and more rugged vehicles are great in all weathers and on all terrains. Even though you may live in the city center, a truck can still be a worthwhile prospect as you may head out into the country every weekend. If you need something more resilient when the cold snap hits, a truck can be ideal. Take a look at these top 10 truck driving tips for winter and think about whether mixing business and pleasure could suit. If you work in a messy trade, this will be more difficult to achieve as you won’t want a filthy cab in which your kids sit.

Hybrid Car

If you’re concerned with the environment and you want to flex your eco friendly credentials, a hybrid car could be worth your consideration. While they might be expensive to purchase initially, they are ridiculously cheap to run. You may find that your hybrid costs the bare minimum to run each week as it will only require a recharge rather than any diesel refueling. You won’t need to tax your vehicle and every electric hybrid belongs to a cheap insurance group, even if it is a luxury model. Having a hybrid can also send a great message to your kids. They need to become environmentally aware so by having a sustainable alternative to a regular car on their driveway, they can learn about people’s responsibilities towards saving the planet.

You may think that you have to settle with a boring hatchback for your next car. However, use this guide and you could think outside of the box to source your next set of wheels.

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