What Would You Tell Your Younger Self After They Passed Their Driving Test?


We all wish we had the power to go back in time and to speak to our younger selves. Of course, while you’d probably advise your younger self not to make that particular fashion choice, there are more important things you should impart to them. While driver safety is not the top of the list as far as altering the course of the future is concerned, there are so many dangers on the road now that you might look back to your early days of driving with a sort of fondness. Then, you were enjoying the road, and learning bit by bit. Now, you’re constantly in a rush, and everyone else is too. So, what should you say to your younger self?

Concentrate A Bit More

It sounds like it’s completely obvious, but you need to concentrate on the road. There are so many distractions now, from smartphones to various technology in the car, we can have our eyes focused anywhere but the road. You need to have your wits about you, especially in those early days after you’ve passed your test, as statistically, you are more likely to be involved in an accident in the first year after your test than any other time in your life. The Florida Law Group has a list of the most common causes of car accidents, and you can call them today to get more information, but distracted driving is right up there the top of the list! Focus on the road, and nowhere else.

Leave Five Minutes Earlier

We are always in a rush and we know that leaving five minutes earlier would make life easier for ourselves. But we never do. Leaving five minutes earlier would stop you feeling the temptation to speed a little bit more, or tailgate someone, and this overriding pressure of being in a rush takes our attention off the road, where one simple mistake can cause a lot of problems. So, leave five minutes earlier, and get to your destination in plenty of time.

Don’t Have That Extra Drink

Or, don’t even drink! While we’re allowed to have a small amount of alcohol in our system, is it really worth having a drink at all? You can be out with friends, having a good time, and think that “one more won’t hurt”. Of course, this will have a devastating impact on your reaction times, and, if you are found to be over the limit, even if you are corpus mentis, points on your license or a criminal record doesn’t look good.

We all have regrets, and if we look back on our driving history, there are, no doubt, many things that we have learnt from over the years. But, you might have saved yourself a lot of stress and near misses if you paid attention the first time around. So think about it, if you’ve got children that are learning to drive, or you are getting back into the car after some time away, what are the best lessons we can benefit from?

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