What’s Making You More Likely To Suffer A Serious Crash?


We all know the road can be a dangerous place. Every single driver is likely to suffer at least one crash in their lifetime. But there are some ways to beat the odds or at least skew them in your favor. By being more aware of the most common causes of road accidents, we can all be a lot safer out there.


It’s a problem that is particularly common in younger drivers who aren’t fully aware yet of just how essential concentration is on the road. But even those of us who have had a near-miss or two can still get complacent and let our focus drift off from the road. You need to start a policy of total concentration in the car. It’s not just enough to ensure you’re not on the phone, eating, or doing your makeup at the wheel, even when you’re parked. Be aware of other vehicles. Especially those like motorcycles and trucks that can create problems in total road awareness.


Losing focus doesn’t just happen when we are distracted from the road around us. Just as dangerous is driving when drowsy or fatigued. Sometimes, you just can’t avoid taking a journey. When that’s the case, however, you should be prepared to address fatigue, not just hope for the best. Avoid driving alone, for one. A passenger can help you keep focus and even take the wheel if you’re unable to continue driving safely yourself. Keeping the temperature cool, having regular breaks to stretch your legs, and drinking caffeine can help, too. If you can do nothing to stop fatigue, then it is worth pulling over somewhere safe and taking a rest, even a nap.



There’s nothing better at taking your focus off the road than intoxication. Alcohol and drugs should be avoided at all costs when driving. However, if you already know that then your main concern will be other drivers on the road. If you get into a crash because of someone else, then you should get injury law advice immediately to assign responsibility where it should go. But it pays to practice defensive driving and to pay attention to any indications of danger or reckless driving from others on the road.

Lack of preparation

Losing control isn’t always about reckless habits like distraction or intoxication, however. It might come down to the road conditions themselves. However, you can still do a lot to avoid a crash of you prepare enough for the conditions of the road when you have a chance. Particularly when it’s due to bad weather. The right tires, the knowledge of how to appropriately handle a skidding car, paying attention to temperature ranges to know whether or not you might encounter black ice. These can all help you ensure your safety.

Knowing the causes isn’t enough. We need to do everything we can to act against them. Not only in our own driving, but in how we handle other drivers. Keeping your focus and maintaining road awareness can help you gain the valuable extra seconds you need to avoid a serious accident.



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